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100,000 leagues under the sea

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Q: How far is the free throw line from the basket in boys 12-13 yr league?
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How fast can a major league baseball player throw?

Average. 15. Year old boys should throw 90 or if not at least 85. If not that just mean he is not a good baseball player mostly slim pimply kids are like 69 to 73

How did basketball come about?

Just answered this question a few mins ago, I wrote an article on it once. Basketball came around in America in the 1920's when a coach needed a game for his boys to play in the winter, so he attached a basket to a wall originally much higher up than the average basketball net now. and the boys would have to throw a leather ball into the basket and each basket they got they would earn a point. at that time the basket had a bottom so each time someone got it in they would have to climb up and manually take the ball out. It was only a few years later when a female coach came up with the idea of a basket with no bottom. Basketball has come a looooong way since then

Is it easier to make a basket with a boys basketball or a girls basketball?

A girls basketball is easier to make a basket with because of the size and weight no matter the gender

Who throw's a football the farthest boys or girls?


Who does Juli baker win for the basket boys?

Eddie Trulock. I don't know the correct spelling.

Why was Moses in a basket?

Moses was hidden in a basket inthe nile as the Jews had multip;ied rapidly, and pahroh gave the oeder that all new born boys should be thrown n the Nile.

How far can girls hit a sofftball?

They Can throw just as far as boys

What is a u12 soccer league?

A u12 soccer league is a league for kids 12 or under. If you see GU12 or BU12, the "G" stands for girls and the "B" stands for boys. Therefore, Girls Under 12/Boys Under 12.

What did Chinook kids wear?

The chinnok kids wore a basket hat and a cape and the boys they would were nothing and the girls would were skirts

In what year was basketball invented?

1891 by James Nasimeth In Chicago at the boys club. A peach basket was used as a hoop. It was winter and he needed an indoor game for the boys to play.

What are French people's hobbies?

Well most of the french boys like playing soccer and some like basket ball.

What is a good middle school shot put throw for boys and girls?

21.3 ft

What is the average throwing distance for a high school boys baseball throw?

1 inch

What do pep boys sales associates get paid?

I work at pep boys as a sales associate and i get paid peanuts and bread. Sometimes they throw in a free soda and a hooker.

Why do boys not want girls on their sport teams?

proberly because boys are better sometimes in pe than girls and if the girl misses a throw or something they could lose and the boys couldnt handle losing proberly

What is the farthest discus throw for middle school boys?

beetween 20m-35m (under13,s)

What if you throw up on a boys penis?

Don't worry he wont wake up for 10 mins

How do you throw the best party in the universe?

Well if your rich you have girls or boys and you have the space and money to do it you will have the best.

How do you throw a grenade in bad boys 2?

I think you have to press triangle or press every button on your game controller.

What was the first year for Major league baseball ball boys?


Who do bat boys work for the major league team or stadium?


Is the Little League team an only boys team?

no of course not no of course not

What team won the Swiss Super League in 1957?

The team that won the Swiss Super League in 1957 was BSC Young Boys.

What team won the Swiss Super League in 1959?

The team that won the Swiss Super League in 1959 was BSC Young Boys.

What team won the Swiss Super League in 1960?

The team that won the Swiss Super League in 1960 was BSC Young Boys.