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The farthest shot was in 2002 by Justin Phoenix it was 94 feet and 5.5 inches giving Justin the record for the worlds longest Basketball shot.

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Q: How far is the farthest basketball shot made by a kid?
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How far was the farlest basketball shot?

The farthest shot was 92 feet by Jerry Harkness of the Indiana Pacers.

How far is the farthest shot ever made by a an NBA player?

Baron Davis, 89ft, vs Bucks Nov. 2001

How far is a college basketball foul shot?

a college basketball foul shot/line is always 15ft fron the center of the hoop

Type of shot where you bank the basketball off the backboard?

As far as I know, that's called a "Bank shot"

How far is the free shot line from the basketball net?

15 Feet

How far away is a foul shot in basketball?

A basketball foul line shall be 2" wide and 15' from the backboard.

How far is a 3 point shot from a 10 ft basketball hoop?

20 feet

What impossible basketball shot did rod dyrdek make to get part of DC?

it was a hook shot. they showed it on fantasy factory! im not sure how far back he was but i did see it...

How far do you have to throw to make a 3 point shot in basketball?

outside of the 3 point circle

How many points is a half court shot worth in basketball?

All shots made from outside the 3 point line are worth 3 pionts, no matter how far outside. 3

Geometry of basketball?

Depending on the angle of the shot, how far away you are from the basket, and the amount of force you put on the ball all determine if you'll make the shot or come up empty.

How do you not come up short when shooting a basketball?

you really can't stop yourself from coming up short on a shot unless your muscles are strong enough or they know excatly how far they are from the basket because you have shot this shot lots of times, or a similar shot.

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What happens when a team makes a basket in basketball?

they get either 2 or 3 points and (depending on how far the shot) and then the other team gets possession of the ball.

How far Gonzaga has ever made it in the NCAA basketball tournament?

1999 the final 8

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