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23 ft. 9 in

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Q: How far is the 3 pointer is in nba?
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How far out is a 3 pointer in the NBA?

23 ft and 9 in.

What is it called when you make a shot behind the arc in NBA?

a 3 pointer

How Fair you a NBA 3 Pointer?

It is very fair.

Who shot the first 3 pointer in nba history?

Kevin Grevey of the Washington Bullets made the first 3-pointer in an official NBA game on October 12, 1979.

Who scored the first NBA 3 pointer?

lebron James

Why was the 3 pointer added to nba?

so they can score more points

How far away is a 3 pointer?

High School: 19ft "9" NBA:23ft "9" College:20ft "6"

How far is a 3 pointer?

22 feet

Who has the NBA record for 3 pointer in a game?

reggie miller reggie miller

Who has the most 3 pointer shots in nba?

deron Williams and brook Lopez

First nba 3 pointer in all-star game?

Scotty Pipen

What year did the NBA institute 3 pointers?

The NBA instituted the 3 point shot in 1979-80. Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics hit the first 3-pointer in NBA history.

Who holds the NBA record for most consecutive games with a 3 pointer?

Toronto Raptors

How long is a three pointer?

The 3 point line is 22 ft and 9 in long in NBA

Who is the best 3 point in NBA?

the best 3 pointer in the entire nba history is definitely Kobe Bryant , if you don't believe me just search him on youtube and you will see what i mean.

How far is the 3 pointer line?

it is 30 feet or something

What are near and far pointer in c?

Far and near pointer is only introduced in turbo C compiler.When the pointer refers to an address in the same segment it is called near pointer, but when it refers to an address in another segment it is called far pointer.

How far is 3-pointer in college?

20 feet and 9 inches

Nba highest pointer?


Who made the first three pointer in NBA history?

On October 12th, 1979, Chris Ford made the first 3-pointer against the Houston Rockets at the Boston Garden

Highest 3 pointer scorer in nba finals match?

ray Allen Boston 2010 7 3s

How far is a 3 pointer in basketball?

In high school 19 feet 9 inches. In college 20 feet 9 inches. In NBA 23 feet 9 inches.

How far is College three pointer?

The college 3 pointer is exactly 2 feet away from the rim and corner threes are 1 feet

How far is the NBA 3 point?

To the three point line.

How far is the NBA 3 point line?