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Q: How far is scottsdale to the Arizona Cardinals statium?
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How far is Avondale from Mesa?

The driving distance from Scottsdale, Arizona to Avondale, Arizona is 35 miles.

How far is it from Phoenix Arizona to Scottsdale Arizona?

It is 12.8 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is it from Scottsdale Arizona to Tucson Arizona?

It is 121 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is Las Vegas Nevada from Scottsdale Arizona?

95 miles

How far is Arizona state university to scottsdale Arizona?

Literally minutes. Tempe and Scottsdale are next door to each other, with Tempe on the south and Scottsdale on the north. ASU is on the northern part of Tempe, so it sits next to Scottsdale's south border.

How far is Milwaukee Wisconsin from Scottsdale Arizona?

It is 1,827 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is it from Phoenix to scottsdale?

It is 12.8 miles from Phoenix to Scottsdale, Arizona. Approximate drive time is from 20 to 25 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

How far is it from Scottsdale AZ to Lake Powell near Page AZ?

By the most direct route, a drive from Scottsdale, Arizona to Lake Powell, Arizona would be just over 453 miles. This drive will take approximately 7 hours and 34 minutes.

How far is scottsdale from laughlin?

237 miles

How far is it to drive from glenndale to scottsdale?

About 400 miles.

Is Tim Hasselbeck playing football?

Tim Hasselbeck is not on an NFL roster so far in the 2008 season. He was on the Arizona Cardinals roster in 2007.

How many wins do the Arizona Cardinals have so far this season?

As of the 2008 season, the cardinals went 9-7. they have currently won 2 playoff games. They will be playing against the Eagles in the NFC Championship.