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That would depend on the race track.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-23 15:00:05
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Q: How far is one lap round a car racing track?
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How to win at Hotwheels Racing?

Choose The Far Left Track And You Will Win.

What horse racing is there in San Francisco?

There is Golden Gate Fields, which is a horse racing track, but that is in Oakland, which is not far from San Francisco.

How far does a car have to be from a railroad track with lights flashing?

15 Feet

What are cheats for platform racing?

no not as far as i know but in platform racing 1 there are

How many people have been lost to Stock car racing?

Depending how far you go back, many. we started racing with the first auto's ever made, first against horses and then against each other. You can figure in the thousands if you go back far enough.

Where to buy daily racing form near san francisco's haight district?

As far as I know the only way to get the DRF is to subscribe to it, or possibly pick it up from a race track.

A car drove 20 miles north and then turned east. The car is now 30 miles from the starting point. How far did the car travel east Round to the nearest tenth?


How far in miles from San Diego CA to Colorado Springs CO?

It is about 1,150 miles by car, and 2,300 miles round trip.

What is the length and width of a race car track?

I assume your talking about a drag racing track, no exact answer can be given because each track differs from one to the next as far as approach, and shut down area go, the only thing constance is the length between the timing lights, for 1/4 mile drags its 1320 ft., there some who race 1/8mi. If your referring to other types of tracks, they also vary, you have oval, d-shape, paperclip shape, road-course, baja-1000 that goes for 1000 miles, all tracks differ in length an width and function. Again in any racing, there is no length (except in drag-racing, light to light) or width that is exact.

Are the any Short Track Racing games for xbox 360?

I have an xox 360 and the only short track game Ive found for it is is World of Outlaws racing, and its only "ok" - I have far more good short track/dirt racing games for my old ps2, and theyre old now, so theyre super cheap, both at game stop/eb game type stores and on ebay, etc... If you dont have a ps2, check your local online classified site and you can get a console and a couple controllers for around 25$... Plus, the old Nascar games - Nascar 2003 and 2004 for the ps2 have the nascar modifieds - Theyre way more fun than running a cup car at a superspeedway...

Why should a racing car have wheels that are far apart?

To lower the center of gravity and thus increase stability. The further the wheels are apart, the less the risk that the vehicle will roll.

What are the release dates for Far from the Beaten Track - 1912?

Far from the Beaten Track - 1912 was released on: USA: 4 March 1912

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