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445456565335 inches

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Q: How far is marlins stadium from Miami?
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Are the Florida Marlins going to become the Miami marlins?

yes. the Miami herald said that in 2012 when the marlins open their new stadium, they will have new uniforms and will be called the Miami marlins. their new stadium will be were the orange bowl used to be so they would be located in Miami.

What part of Florida is the Florida Marlins from?

The Marlins play their home games (2011) at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens and are scheduled to move into a new stadium in Miami for the 2012 season.

Do the Florida Marlins have a retractable roof?

From 1993 to 2011 the Florida Marlins played at a football stadium known most recently as Sun Life Stadium which did not have a roof. The team is now known as the Miami Marlins. Beginning in April 2012 they will play in their new retractable roof stadium known as Marlins Park. Marlins Park is located on the site of the old Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

Why doesn't Miami have a baseball team?

Miami didn't have a baseball team before the 2012 Major League Baseball season however the Florida Marlins had moved to Miami as a result of the city of Miami building them a new stadium to play in which resulted in the Florida Marlins being renamed the Miami Marlins.

What is the name of the Miami Heats stadium?

The Marlins new stadium, Marlins Park, has a capacity of around 37,000

What is the name of Florida Marlins Baseball park?

The Florida Marlins baseball park is named Sun Life Stadium. It is located in Miami, Florida.

Where do the Florida Marlins play?

The Florida Marlins play their home games at Sun Life Stadium. It is located in Miami Gardens, Florida.

What city does the marlins play in?

The Marlins' home city is Miami. They play at the hideously-unsuitable-for-baseball Dolphin Stadium, but they're seeking state financing help for a new ballpark to be built within the city limits of Miami.

What is the name of the stadium that the Florida Marlins play at?

The Florida Marlins play at Marlin Park. Marlin Park is located in Miami, Florida. It is the home of Miami's only Major League Baseball team. It can hold over 36,000 people.

When was Miami Marlins - IL - created?

Miami Marlins - IL - was created in 1956.

When did Miami Marlins - IL - end?

Miami Marlins - IL - ended in 1960.

What stadium do the Marlins play at?

Marlins Park.