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Yankees Stadium is in New York City. The Yankees play in the Bronx.

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About 9.54 miles

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Q: How far is it from Yankee Stadium to Shea Stadium?
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Have the New York Yankees played home games at Shea Stadium?

Yes, they have. The Yankees played their home games at Shea Stadium in 1974 and 1975, while Yankee Stadium was being repaired.

What are the haunted places in New York?

The old Yankee stadium in Bronx is haunted,the Lincoln hotel is haunted,Shea stadium is also haunted. The old Yankee stadium is haunted

How much did a baseball ticket cost in 1977?

In what city? What level of the stadium? Shea Stadium $15-$2.50 Yankee Stadium $18-$5

What stadium is bigger the White Sox or cubs?

The Cubs stadium, Wrigley Field is about 1,000 seats bigger than the White Sox stadium, U.S. Cellular Field.

What is the name of the Yankee Stadium ballpark?

It is still named Yankee Stadium.

Who shared a stadium with the New York Yankees?

The New York Mets shared their stadium with the Yankees. The Yankees played their home games at Shea Stadium in 1974 and 1975, while Yankee Stadium was being renovated.

Where did the New York Yankees and New York Mets play the 2000 World Series?

The two teams played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and Shea Stadium in Queens.

How far is Chelsea from Yankee Stadium?

i wish them to win the game.

When was Shea Stadium created?

Shea Stadium was created in 1964.

When and where did baseball player Spec Shea play?

Spec Shea debuted on April 19, 1947, playing for the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium I; he played his final game on August 27, 1955, playing for the Washington Senators at Griffith Stadium I.

Who is the only one to have his number retired at Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium?

The late Casey Stengel, who managed both the Yankees and the Mets, wore No. 37. Both teams have retired the number.

Who built Shea Stadium?

Shea Stadium was built by the New York Mets