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60 feet 6 inches

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Q: How far is college baseball homeplate to pitchers mound distance?
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In fastpitch sofball how many feet from homeplate is the pitchers mound?

highschool 40 feet, college 43 feet

How far is the baseball mound from homeplate in college?

Same as in Babe Ruth, high school, American Legion, and the pros...60'6". No matter what the outside dimensions of the filed may be, the bases will always be 90' apart and the distance from home plate to the rubber will be as stated.

How many players are on a college baseball team?

at least 24 including the pitchers and the back-up

How far from home plate to the pitchers mound in junior high baseball?

60'6" same as high school college and professional baseball

What is the distance in between the bases?

In Major League Baseball, College baseball and High School baseball, the distance between the bases is 90 feet.

How far is it from pitchers mound to home plate in minor baseball?

Same as in Major League baseball, 60 feet, 6 inches. Also, the same in high school and college.

In college softball how far is the pitchers mound to home plate?

College softball distance is 43 feet. Recently the national high school governing organization voted to move high school pitchers back from 40 to 43 feet beginning in the 2010-2011 season. High schools are free to move to 43 feet in the 2009-2010 season if they choose.

What is the distance between bases in college baseball?

90 feet

What is the distance of a pitchers mound in pony league?

In Pony League, the distance from the rubber to the back of home plate is 54 feet. In Little League it is 46 feet and in high school (as well as college & pro) it is 60' 6".

What is the difference in height between a women's college softball pitchers mound and home plate?

There is no height difference. A softball mound is not raised like a baseball mound.

Was the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate been changed recently in womens college softball?

no, it is 43 ft...but high school and asa has been changed to 43 ft also

How for do college softball pitchers pitch from?

43 feet

How far is the softball mound from home plate in Senior softball?

The distance from the pitchers mound to home plate (the back of home plate to the front of the pitchers plate) is 43 feet. It was recently moved back from 40 feet to help both the pitcher and the batter with the transition to college ball (which is also 43 feet).

What is the distance from third base to first base on a college baseball field?

127.28 feet

What is the distance from home plate to first base in a college baseball game?

90 ft.

How far is it from home plate to the pitchers mound in Little League Baseball?

The distance from home plate to the pitcher's mound in Little League is 46 feet. High school, college, and Major League Baseball standard is 60 feet and 6 inches (a mistake in measuring long ago but was left that way). Pitcher's mound distances are ALWAYS measured from the front of the rubber to the rear tip of home plate.

Distance from pitchers mound to home plate in softball?

It varys, I play in a 12u league and we pitch from 40 feet but I'm sure in higher league(high school, college, etc.) they pitching mounds will be further away

Should metal bats be banned from College Baseball?

Yes it should be because soon after their college career, baseball players must face faster, better pitchers with weaker, wooden bats, causing bad starts to many rookie careers. With baseball bats that are wooden in college, scouts can help their team much more from more accurate results. No, because if college players used wooden bats there would be a lot more no hitters. That's why they have the Minor leauges

How fast does a college softball pitcher pitch?

College softball pitchers, pitch anywhere from 50mph to about 70mph. But 70mph is about the fastest.

How fast do college pitchers throw in baseball?

Usually, they can get it up to mid-high 90s. Usually, you should expect 90-95 miles an hour. A few guys have gotten above 100 before.

Do college pitchers through with an 11 or 12 inch softball?

12 12

How far is the pitchers mound from home plate in college softball?

43 feet

Two pitchers with most combined wins in majors from same college?

Wichita State

In Bantam fastpitch softball how many feet is it from home plate to the pitchers mound?

For softball here is the distance for all age levels from themound to the plate. Ages 7-9: 30 feet Ages 10-12: 35 feet Ages 13- Highschool: 40 feet College level pitchers: 43 feet Men's League Fast Pitch is 46 feet

In softball how far is the mound from homeplate?

43 feet in college and professional leagues, 40 in 12 and under through high school, 35 feet in ten and under ball.