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10 feet from the floor to the top of the goal (hoop).

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Q: How far is basketball court from the basketball hoop?
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How far is it from the basketball hoop to the half court line on a pro regulation basketball court?

48 feet OH YEAH

How much does a basketball hoop have to overhang the court by?

On a regulation basketball court, the hoop is 10 feet from the ground. There is no official amount for a hoop's overhang over the court.

How far away is center court from the basketball hoop in middle school?

the half court line is 55 feet away

How far is it from the basketball hoop?

11 feet

What equipment did girls use to play basketball in the 1900s?

Basketball, basketball hoop, and a court.

How long is a basketball court from the hoop to the floor?

1o feet

In 1912 what equipment did girls use in basketball?

Very simple... a basketball and a basketball court! In addition: a basketball hoop!

How many feet from the basketball hoop to half court?

94 feet.

What are parts of a basketball hoop?

basketball hoop

What is the difference between the size of a basketball hoop and a basketball?

A basketball hoop is just a hoop. A basketball is a ball for sports.

How far is the goal from the hoop in middle school basketball?

7 yards

How much is the most expensive basketball hoop?

If your talking hoop price then 1,000 If your talking court then 10,000

How far is the center of the hup from the free throw line in basketball?

I think you meant hoop and the hoop is 15 feet away from the free throw line in basketball.

What is a basketball hoop?

A basketball hoop is a hoop with a string net, through which a basketball must be placed in order to score points in the game of basketball.

How high is a basketball hoop for highschool basketball hoop?

the hoop is ten feet tall from the floor to the rim of the basketball goal.

How far is it from the gound to the rim on a basketball hoop?

Regulation height is 10 feet.

How far up should a basketball hoop go up?

10 feet

What is the main objective of basketball?

The main object in basketball is for each team to get the ball into the hoop at their end of the court, and to prevent the other team from gaining points by getting the ball in the hoop.

Is it called a basketball goal or a basketball hoop?

it's called a basketball net. :) hoop

How tall is an average basketball hoop?

A basketball hoop is 10 ft.

How long is a basketball hoop?

a basketball hoop is ten feet high

How much is the basketball hoop?

A Basketball hoop is round off $$$$$200

In 1891 Where was basketball first played at?

The first basketball game was played on a dirt court w/ a rock a stick and a hoop

What is a basketball rim used for?

A basketball rim is used for knowing how far you can shoot a basketball into the basketball hoop. It also determines your accuracy and stamina with the sport.

What is the proper concrete depth for an outdoor basketball court?

depending on the hoop it varies but i have a 60 in hoop and i had to put it 4 feet deep by 16in