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it is 15 feet away from the backboard.

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Q: How far is an NBA free-throw?
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How far is the College freethrow line?

NBA and NCAA is 15ft from the backboard.

Who are the Top 5 worst freethrow shooters in NBA history?

i don't know the top 5 but the worst freethrow shoot in nba history is ................. ben Wallace ,40-42 career percentages. (min 2000)

How far is the freethrow line?

15 feet

How far is the normal freethrow line?

15 feet

Who in the nba has shot 90 percent from the freethrow line and over 50 percent from the field?

Dirk Nowitzki did it in 2006-2007 Season. Nash is the only player in the NBA to be in the 50-40-90 Club, he did it 4 times.

What is another name for basket?


How long do you have to shoot a freethrow?

10 seconds

What is better NBA 2k12 or NBA 2k13?

well i played both games i liked nba 2k13 by far

Distance of freethrow line in basketball?

15 feet

How long is the freethrow line?

15 ft from the basket

How much is a freethrow worth in basketball?

One point.

What is the name of the basketball shot worth one point?


How many points does a freethrow after a foul get in basketball?

1 point

How do you run a half court suicide drill?

On our court there are additional lines, one between the baseline and freethrow line "we'll call this line A" and one between the freethrow line and halfcourt "we'll call this line B" that I use. I believe the extra lines are for volleyball. So I line A, freethrow line, B and halfcourt for our suicides.

How far is it from baseline to baseline?

94 ft in the NBA.

How far is free through in nba?

12 ft

Has a female ever played in the NBA?

not as far as i know.

How far above the floor is the NBA basketball ring?

8 ft is the official NBA height from the floor to the rim.

Best freethrow shooter in pba?

alvin patrimonio and ronnie magsanoc

What line does a player shoot from after being fouled in basketball?

freethrow line

How far is the free throw line from the front of the rim in the NBA?

In the NBA, the free throw line is 15 feet from the rim.

How far is the free throw line in the nba?

1000 feet!

Which team has the best record so far in the NBA?


How far is the 3 pointer is in nba?

23 ft. 9 in

How far out is a 3 pointer in the NBA?

23 ft and 9 in.

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