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Approx. 42 miles

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10 miles

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Q: How far is Manchester away from Liverpool?
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How far is it from Liverpool UK to Manchester UK?

It is 35 miles away.

How far is Manchester from Liverpool?

53 km away. For more information regarding Liverpool and how to arrive there:

Is Liverpool better or Manchester united?

Liverpool is far better want prove? Manchester United 1 - 4 LIVERPOOL

How far is Liverpool to Manchester in miles?

34 miles

Is Liverpool better than Manchester United?

Manchester United are much better than Liverpool FC. Manchester United FC has many more honors.defnently Liverpool are better than manu!

Has there ever been a player transferred indirectly from Liverpool to Manchester United or Manchester United to Liverpool?

So far, in 2009. There is Michael Owen.

Which city is further north Liverpool or Manchester?

Manchester which is also the third largest city in England

Name the player who played in Glasgow Manchester London and Milan drebies?

No one has. not as far as i can tell anyway. Paul ince played in London Manchester Liverpool and milan derbies but not Glasgow. Craig bellamy played in Manchester, Liverpool London and Glasgow derbies. Andrei Kanchelskis played in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester. Robbie Keane has played in London,Liverpool,milan,and Glasgow but not in Manchester. Patrick Viera has played in London, Milan, and Manchester derbies. As far as i can tell no one has yet.

How far luton to Manchester?

Manchester is about 30 miles away :)

How far is Liverpool from leeds?

68 miles taking M62 (W) towards MANCHESTER.

Where is closer to sheffield Liverpool or Manchester?

Manchester is closer to Liverpool than London . Manchester - Liverpool = 27 miles, or 44 KM . London to Liverpool ; 176 miles.

What are some cities accessible by train from Manchester?

There are four cities that are easily accessed by train from Manchester. The city of Chester which is South West of Manchester and about an hour and twenty-seven minutes away by train. The city of Lancaster which is North of Manchester and about and hour and ten minutes by train. The city of Liverpool which is far West of Manchester is about an hour train ride away. And the city of York which is North East of Manchester about an hour and twenty-four minutes away by train.