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Two laps, or .5 miles.

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Q: How far is 800 meters around a track?
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How far around a track is 70 meters?


How far is one lap around a track?

400 meters 400 meters

How far around a track is 40 meters?

An olympic track, 1/10 of a lap

How far is 800 meters in feet?

800 meters is 2625 feet.

How far is 800 meter races?

800 meters....

How far is half a miles in meters?

800 meters

How far is 500 meters to run?

It is about .31 of a mile and on a track it is one time around and then 100 meters.

How far is 984 feet on a 400 meter track?

300 meters, about 3/4 the distance around the track

How far is 800 meter in miles?

800 meters = 0.497096954 miles

How far around the track is 1 lap?

Around a normal track is approximately 1/4 mile (440 yards, 400 meters). Around a normal track is approximately 1/4 mile (440 yards, 400 meters).

How far is a 5k around a track?

12 laps plus an extra 160 meters at the end

How far is 6 laps around the lane number 8 of a standard track?

2500 meters.

How far in miles is 800 meters?

0.497 mi

If you run one lap around each lane on a standard 8 lap track how far have you gone?

An average track is 400m. Though the outside land of a track adds a some meters to this. Total it would be around 450 meters.

How far around track is 400 meters?

1 lap on an outdoor track, but indoor track are smaller, usually 200m so generally 2 laps.

300 meters is how far on a quarter track?

It's 300 meters...

How far around a school track is 30 meters?

That's only about three quarters of one straightaway

How far is 800 feet in walking distance?

About 240 meters

How far is 800 meters?

800m or 1/2 miles

How far is 800 meters in miles?

1/2 miles

How far apart are the two pieces of the Titanic?

800 meters

How far is 32 lengths of a 25 meter pool?

800 meters

Karina ran 8 laps around a ciruler track with a radius of 20 m how far did she run?

10,048 meters

How far is 400 meters on a standard us track?

1 lap

How far can rifles shoot?

Depending on the range, rifles can shoot to 800 meters to 1, 400 meters away.