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It's behind home plate

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Q: How far in front of home plate is the batter's box?
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How far does the batters box extend in front of home plate?

The center of the batters box is even with the center of home plate. since the plate is 17" long the this means the front edge of the batters box is 27 1/2" in front of home plate and the back edge of the box is 27 1/2" behind home plate.

How far in front of home plate is the front of the batter's box?

The front of the batters box is three feet from the middle of home plate which is where the angles start that lead to the point facing the catcher.

What is the official size batters box for USSSA baseball?

4x6. should be place at exactly half the distance (3') between the front of home plate and the back of home plate. 6 inches off the plate to the side

How far is batters box from home plate?

6 inches

How big is the batters box in 12 and under fastpitch?

The batters box is about 6 inches away from the plate and extends 4 feet in front of the plate and 3 feet behind. It is 3 feet wide.

What is the distance from the batters box to home plate?

There is no distance from the batter's box to home plate. The batter's box is adjacent to the 8 1/2 inch side of home plate. They are 4 feet wide and 6 feet long for major league baseball.

Does batter have to move out of way for runner to steal second base?

no as long as the batter i the batters box and not on home plate he can remain in the batters box even if the baserunner is stealing third the catcher would have to move to throw it.

Is the entire batters box in foul territory?

No. If you draw a line from the back point of home plate down each foul line (to the outside edge of 1st and 3rd, then everything in front of the lines is in fair territory. For example: If a left handed hitter lays down a bunt that falls in the right hander's batters box, in front of the plate, and inside the third base foul line, then it is a fair ball. I hope that makes a little sense.

The umpire calls a batted ball that hits home plate first a foul ball is it fair or foul?

if it bounces fair and stays far its fair if it went foul and stayed foul it foul... if it hit the plate and hit the batter while he was in the batters box its foul if it hit him out of the batters box he is out

How big is the batters box in high school fast pitch softball?

3' wide 7' long and six inches from the plate. the batters box is 4' from the center of the plate forward and 3' from the center of the plate back

How big is the batters box for Softball?

from about a half a foot from the front of the plate to about a half a foot from the back of the plate. if you are facing a fast pitcher, you want to be in the back of the nox so you have more time when then ball comes out of the pitchers hand. if you have a slow pitcher you want to be in the front of the box incase the ball dips or rises.

Is batters box in fair territory?

Part of it is in fair territory. If you extend the foul line all the way to the back point of the plate, that portion of the batter's box in front of that line is in fair territory.

Can batter touch home plate when swinging at a pitch ball?

well you can do anything you want. first of all both feet have to be in the batters box while making contact with the ball. if your foot is on home plate while making contact with the ball you are out!!

Is it a strikeout if a batter steps on the plate?

One Answer:Before the hit yes. After no. the home plate is in fair territory between the batters box and first base so it is often stepped on, however the batter must hit the ball while inside the batters box. Correct Answer:There is no rule in MLB prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate.

What position does a batter take in the batters box in baseball?

In today's baseball game, a hitter takes a position in one of the two designated chalk outlined boxes on each side of home plate. By rule, the hitter's feet cannot be positioned outside the hitter's box.

If a batters foot touches the side of the plate while swinging is the legal?

No. MLB Rule 6.03 states: "The batter's legal position shall be with both feet within the batter's box. APPROVED RULING: The lines defining the box are within the batter's box." Since home plate is not within the batter's box, touching the plate with a foot while swinging would not be legal.

What is the distance from the pitchers mound to the batters box in girls softball?

If you have an age where the pitching rubber is 43 feet from the home then the front line or the batters box would be 38 feet 3 1/2 inches from the rubber. If you are at a younger age where the pitching distance is shorter then minus 4 feet 8 1/2 inches from that distance and you will have the front line of the box.

Batters box Front to back dimensions?

6 feet

What is the high school batters box dimension?

A high school batter's box dimension is â?¢4ft x 6ft and 6 inches from home plate. Each league has different dimensions for each part of the field.

Batting in softball?

-Walk to the left or right (depending on what side your better on) in the batters box -If shes a slow pitcher stand in front of the home plate (don't get out of the batters box!) -If shes a fast picter scut behind the home plate (don't get out of the batters box!) -If you can hit off her and shes your type of pitcher stand in the middle (don't get out of the batters box!) Right sided: 1. Walk to the batters box and make sure your not to far/close to the plate and get where you will hit the ball and bend knees (kind of like sqaute except not so down) 2.your left foot should slightly pointed inside towards your left foot (but not to much, just enough to where you can feel the weight.) Your left foot (back foot) should be pointing towards home plate. 3. Point bat up like '/' my coach always said you can remember by doing that is t (make sure your arms make a v and are not tense, relax) 4.The pitch is coming what do you do,make sure its coming knee-waist that's the strike zone anything above/below that is called a ball. 5. if its a strike lift up your left/front foot foot and as soon as your foot is back on the ground start to swing 6. don't pull bat back when batting everything goes forward, no negative motion

What is the size of a batters-box in softball?

3' wide x 7' long is the outside of the chalk lines which count as part of the inside of the batter box. 6" from the edge of home plate (white part not black.) of the 7', 3' should be toward the backstop and 4' should be toward the outfield from the mid-angle point of home plate.

What is a batters box in softball?

It is two 7 feet by 3 feet boxes (one on each side of home plate) that the batter must stand in to attempt to hit a pitched ball.

A batted ball hits home plate then strikes the batter while still in the batters box and rolls into fair territory is this a fair ball?

No, ball is dead and is considered a foul ball.

What are the dimensions of the batters box?

Batter's BoxThe batter's box is 4' x 6' and is 6 inches from the plate.

In baseball where do you stand in the batters box?

it depends on if your left handed or right handed and how fast or slow the pitcher is throwing if you are right handed while facing the pitcher you stand on the left side of the batters box. right side if you are left handed. if it is a fast pitcher stand toward the back of the box to give yourself more time to read the pitch and swing at the ball. slower pitcher towards the front of the box if you are bunting stand in the front so if the ball goes straight down it wont hit the plate