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Fujian, or Fujian in Chinese, is approximately 1 300 km. away form Beijing

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Q: How far from Beijing to Fuji-an?
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What state was the great flood in china in 1931?

It was in Beijing, Shanghai, and Fujian.

How far are ganzhou and fujian?

six hours by highway eight hours by train

Is there an desert near Beijing?

The Gobi Desert is not far from Beijing.

Is Beijing in the East?

Beijing is in China considered to be the far east.

Is fujian close to Vietnam?

It depends how you define "close". Fujian does not border Vietnam. It is the third province from the border with Vietnam: Guangxi borders Vietnam, and along the coast, Guangdong borders Guangxi, and then Fujian borders Guangdong. So, it's not right next door, but it isn't too far away either.

Is Beijing in the Middle East?

Beijing is in China considered to be the far east.

How far is Sichuan to Beijing?

Beijing is about 1500 km away from Sichuan.

How far is it from Fuzhou to Mexico?

There are about 13479 Km (8376 miles) between Fuzhou (Fujian) in China and Mexico.

What is the area of Fujian?

The area of Fujian is 121,400 square kilometers.

When did Fujian Pocket happen?

Fujian Pocket happened in 1818-08.

What is the duration of Fujian Blue?

The duration of Fujian Blue is 1.45 hours.

How far from Edinburgh to Beijing?