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Maximum depth for a recreational Scuba diver is 130 feet.

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Q: How far down can a scuba diver dive?
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How far can a scuba diver dive without an oxygen tank?

Every person is different but free diving requires a lot from a diver. It isn't a sport you just jump into and go. It is a progression that requires a lot of time and training. It isn't for the recreational diver. There is no right answer. It's similar to how many G's a person can stand, it comes down to how bad one wants to try.

What do scuba divers use to tell how far down they are?

scuba divers use pressure meter because the deeper down you go the more pressure builds upAdditiona depth gauge or a dive computer

Can you scuba dive in the Atlantic ocean?

You can if you have a Boat and enough oxygen. Do not go to far down or when you try to come up you'll have no oxygen.

How does air pressure affect a scuba diver 1500ft below sea level in the ocean?

Technically, air pressure (surface atmospheric pressure) affects a scuba diver the same regardless of the depth. As far as total pressure goes, no diver has been to 1500 feet.

How far can you dive?

Experts recommend to never SCUBA dive past 150 feet below the surface of any body of water.

What are the scuba diver is 31 feet below the surface of the water she dives down an additional 15 feet how far would she have to rise to reach the surface of the water?

16 Feet

Can a human go down as far as the titanic sank down to reach it?

Only in a deep-sea submersible- certainly no scuba diver can dive down anywhere NEAR that far, as she lies at such a massive depth. The Titanic wreck is 2 and half MILES down on the floor of the North Atlantic, where the water pressure is over 2 tons to the square inch- no diver could survive such colossal pressure, and in any case, it would take them so long to swim down there that their oxygen supply would run out before they got to the bottom. The furthest down a scuba diver can go is about 500 feet.People can only reach the wreck site in special deep-sea submarines, that are specifically built to cope with the extreme conditions, such as the submersible Alvin that was used by Dr. Robert Ballard when he discovered the wreck in May 1985.

How far can you go down as a commercial diver?

250 meters

Can you swim with a perforated eardrum?

Yes you can swim. It would not be a good idea to scuba dive or snorkel to far below the surface of the water.

How far do you stay away from diver down flag in the water in Texas?


How deep can squid dive?

A giant squid can dive about 5 miles down. Nobody really knows quite how far a squid can dive.

How far can you scuba dive before you would die?

The world record for a scuba dive (without protective gear, beyond a wet suit and oxygen tanks) is approximately 1029 feet. The immense pressure which builds exponentially as an object descends is sufficient to crush humans at a lesser depth, in many instances.

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