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It doesn't go any farther or shorter when left in the sun.

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Q: How far does a golf ball fly when it has been in the sun for an hour?
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Which ball bounces higher a baseball or a golf ball?

A golf ball would bounce far higher than a baseball. This is because a golf ball has been specifically designed to harness the energy it receives and get the most from it. Imagine how far a golf ball would go if you hit it with a baseball bat- pretty far, and how far a baseball would go if you hit it with a golf club-virtually no where.

How far should you stand from the golf ball?

Far away.

How far can golf ball go?

you tell me

What is a flyer in golf?

Could be when you hit a golf ball higher than you usually do and it goes not as far or maybe as far as your usual distance.

If you hit a golf ball as hard as you can on the surface of the moon how far will it travel?

very far

Why does a golf ball has more mass than a tennis ball?

Because it can go far in the air

What makes a golf ball fly so far?

The combination of, the design of the golf ball, it's weight, the speed at which it was hit and the dimples which make it aerodynamic.

How far can Tyler Marton hit a golf ball?

251 ft

How far will a golf ball roll for one revolution?

5.26 inches

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect how far it travels when hit by a golf club?

yes, the hotter the ball the softer it becomes it will then affect the COR (coefficient of restitution)

How does the temperature of a golf ball affect the distance?

well if it was a really hot day the golf ball would get hot and sticky and if was a really cold day the wind would be making it cold so it affects how far the golf ball goes

Why do golf balls have dents?

it protects the direction and width of how far the ball is going.