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Centre's can run everywhere apart from in the shooting circle

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Q: How far does a center player player run in a game of netball?
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What is the 3 feet rule in netball?

The three feet rule is how far you need to be from a player to defend them when they have the ball.

How will doing push ups help me improve at netball?

it will give you better power when it comes to a game when having to pass a far distance.

How far must you stand away from someone in netball?

1 meter

Is far cry 2 two a spilt screen two player game?

is farcary 2 a two player game

What is the strengths needed in netball?

mainly arm strength so that you can get a far through.

When do you use a overhead pass in netball?

It is used when you have to make a strong and far pass

How far away from each other must opposing players stand in netball?

The rule is that you have to be able to fit a Defending player between you and the receiver of the pass. That is about 0.9metres or 3 feet

How far would a player have to hit a ball into center field to get a home run at Fenway Park?

left center field is 388 center field 488 right center filed 402

What is the height of an U11s netball hoop?

I am not too sure how far upp off the ground the netball hoop is but i think it is about 3.02 metres

In netball how far away do you have to stand when defending?

while playing netball and your defending another person, you have to stand three feet away in other terms a metre away.

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