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An approach wedge usually has around 50-52 degrees of loft. It is equivilent to a gap wedge. An average player could hit this around 100 yards and a pro would hit it around 10-20 yards longer.

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It depends on how skilled and how strong you are.

With a pitching wedge men hit 80 -120 yard, women 50 - 80 yards

With a sand wedge men 60 - 100, women 40 -60.

These are averages for non professionals.

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I am 15 years old and pretty athletic. I hit my Pitching Wedge around 100 yards with a full swing.

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Depends on swing speed and ability of the golfer, could be anywhere from 200 to 270 yards.

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Q: How far does a 50 degree wedge hit a golf ball?
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