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The Kentucky Derby is raced on a 1 1/4 mile track.

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Q: How far do the horses run in Kentucky Derby?
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Where in America is the Derby run?

For horses, the Derby in America, known as the Kentucky Derby, is run in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year.

How many horses can be in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is now limited to 20 horses. Before a limit was put in place, the most horses that ran in the Derby was 23 in 1974, the 100th anniversary of the Run for the Roses.

How many horses ran in the first Kentucky Derby?

The first Kentucky Derby was run on May 17, 1875. There were 15 horses in the field. The colt, Aristides, won the first Derby.

How many horses run at a time in the Kentucky Derby?

The field is 20 horses.

Has a mustang ever won the Kentucky Derby?

No, the only horses that can run in the Kentucky Derby, or any thoroughbred race, must be full blooded thoroughbred with proper documentation of the horses registry.

How many grey horses have run Kentucky Derby?


Who were last two horses to run in the Kentucky Derby undefeated at entry?

The answer to this and all the rest of the stats can be found at the Kentucky Derby's website.

Which sex horse can run in the Kentucky Derby?

Any sex of horse can run in the Kentucky Derby. Most of the winning horses have been male. But fillies and geldings have participated and counted among the Derby's winners.

Can a mustang run in the derby?

No, only Three Year Old Thoroughbred race horses registered in the Jockey Club of America are eligible to run in the Kentucky Derby.

What is the average age of horses racing in Kentucky Derby?

Only 3 year old Thoroughbreds are allowed to run in the Kentucky Derby. No other age is allowed.

Why can't a horse run in the Kentucky Derby twice?

The Kentucky Derby is only for horses who are 3 years old. So by the time the next Derby comes around, the horse will have turned 4.

Did the horse Animal Kingdom ran two Kentucky Derby?

Horses can only run in the Kentucky Derby as a three year old. As such, no horse ever runs the Derby more than once.

How many horses run in the Kentucky Derby each year?

The Kentucky Derby is limited to twenty horses all who must have earned a specific amount of graded stakes earning to qualify.

How old was eight belles the Kentucky Derby tragedy?

she was 3 yrs old. all horses that run the the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont have to be 3. it is one of the requirements.

Why has no horse won the Kentucky Derby twice?

Because the Kentucky Derby is for horses classified as three years old. This means they can only run once, when they are three years old.

How far is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is 1 1/4 miles, but before running at this distance it was run at 1 1/2 miles.

What is the age of the mares that run in the Kentucky derby?

The horses that race in the Kentucky derby are three year olds...they are mostly male (stallions or geldings), but there have been some successful mares in the race.

Can horses 4 years old run in Kentucky Derby?

No....specifically for 3 year olds.

What is the distance run in the modern Kentucky Derby?

A length of 1-1/4 miles, which equals 2 kilometers or 10 furlongs, is the distance that's run by the horses in the Kentucky Derby. But that hasn't always been the distance. In the first 20 years of the Derby's existence, 1875-1895, jockeys had to run their horses over a 1-1/2 mile racetrack.

When does Kentucky Derby season start?

The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday in May. But for the horses who run in the race, training starts long before. They train for months just for this won race, because it's a part of history.

Who was the last horse to win the Kentucky Derby in under 2 minutes?

Only two horses have ever run the Kentucky Derby in under 2 minutes: Secretariat in 1973 and Monarchos in 2001.

What age are the horses in the Kentucky Derby?

Horses have to be 3 years old to run in the Derby. The Derby is a race for Three-Year-Olds, the time when the horse is in its prime: just fully matured and fully muscled, track-broken but still spirited.

What is placed on the winning horses neck at the Kentucky Derby?

A blanket of roses. Thus the nickname for the race, "Run for the Roses."

What is the selection process of horses in the triple crown?

The selection of horses to run in the Triple Crown begins with horses meeting what are called "race conditions" for the Kentucky Derby; conditions stipulate the age, gender and past performance requirements each horse must meet to enter a given race. The Kentucky Derby is written for 2 year-olds, fillies and colts, [here it says something like "...non-winners of x number of races..." and/or "winners of x number..."] The winner of the Kentucky Derby gets to run in the Preakness, and the winner of the Preakness gets to run in the Belmont. So the "selection process" begins with being eligible to run the Derby.

What year was the 122nd Kentucky Derby run?

The 122nd Kentucky Derby was run in 1996 and won by Grindstone.