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Basically all footballers can kick the ball about half the length of the pitch. But some can kick it further, some goalkeepers can kick it 3/4 the length and even the length of the pitch.

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Q: How far do football kickers kick?
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What is development of kick?

In football, kickers used to straight-on kick the football with their toe. The method proved very inconsistent. In the latter part of the 1900's, kickers began kicking soccer-style. Soccer-style kicking is more consistent, powerful, and accurate than straight-on kicking.

Why do NFL kickers deform the ball on the ground before they kick?

Kickers do not deform the ball before they kick it.

How do you kick a football far?

Kick really hard...

Why do college football not kick field gold from center of field?

Because it would be a sixty yard field goal, and only a handful of college kickers can make it from there.

Does the NFL use a different football to kick and punt than they do to pass and hand off to players?

Yes, the NFL uses 2 types of balls. The kickers and punters use a different ball than the regular game ball. The kickers ball is easier to kick and travels a little further. Take care....Brad

Why are college kickers able to kick the football out of the endzone while pro kickers have trouble kicking to the 10 yard line?

AnswerYes there is the five yard difference, but the NFL ball also weighs more.AnswerThe guy who left this answer before I completely reconstructed it was an idiot. There is a 5 yard difference between pro and college, and the ball weighs more. But, most college kickers kick it to the middle of the endzone. Most pro kickers kick it to the goal line consistently. I have no idea where you're gtting this 10 yard line stuff from. So it really evens out.

How much do NFL kickers make?

Around $600,000 a year to the VERY GOOD kickers can make 3.3 million a year! Highest paid kicker ever made 3.3 million just to kick the football 5-8 times a game.. What a joke right?

Why do kickers have to kick from spot of down ball?

They dont, they actually kick 8 yards back

What actors and actresses appeared in Garage Kickers - 2010?

The cast of Garage Kickers - 2010 includes: Ken Kick as Himself - Host

How many field goal kickers are there in the NFL hall of fame?

their are as many as the ones who kick the kick offs and punts

On a kick off can the kickers plant foot be ahead of the ball?


Does the ball have to hit the ground for the kickers to recover an onside kick?


How do you kick a football far without special boots?

With alot of difficulty!

How far can Sebastian janikowski kick a football?

From Oakland to San Francisco

What colleges are looking for football kickers?


How far a football goal post from penalty kick point?

18 area

Are there black place kickers in college football?


How many black kickers are there in college football?


What are some catchy titles for football?

kool kickers

How far do NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage?

It is not known how far exactly NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage when attempting a field goal. Most NFL kickers average a field goal range of 35 yards.

Is there a special football that is used for kickers during games?


How far should a 13 year old boy kick a football soccer?

There is no real limits that someone should be looking to hit a football, it depends, if you are a goalkeeper you would need to kick it probably to the halfway line, but if you are a striker if you could kick it 30 yards that would be far enough. Do not think you have to hit certain targets because whatever you can do is enough.

Why do you see some football kickers wearing helmets with a different face mask?

Football kickers have different face mask to have a better view of where they are kicking since a kicker is usually only in for that purpose for example kickoff, punting, and field goals.

Does the size of a football affect its kicking distance?

yes it does when you change the size of the football you change the way the air moves around it. The smaller the football the less air resistence but less stability, meaning it will go far but not where you want it. The larger the football the more air resistance and more stability, meaning it won't go as far as the small football but it will be more accurate. Really it all comes down to how hard you kick it, and how you kick it.

What type of cleats do football kickers use?

Kickers normally wear tight fitting soccer cleats, with fine kangaroo or any clean hitting surface.