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Depend how hard you hit them, and with what club, they definitely wouldn't fly anymore than 70-100 yards.

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170 - 200 various conditions. Played a little shorter when wet.

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Q: How far do foam golf balls fly?
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Do golf balls fly?

Not on their own, but when you hit them far, they "fly."

Why do golf balls fly so far?

because the golfer hits them harder and harder then farther and farther.

Get an age 80 in Wii sports?

just sit down watching balls fly by--- if it is bowling/golf hit far off target.

What are the demples on golf balls for?

They make the ball aerodynamic and allow the ball to fly.

Diffence between a smooth golf ball and one with dipples?

A golf ball has dimples which makes it aerodynamic, so it can fly and fly straight. There are no golf balls which have no dimples that are produced for full shots.

What kind of golf balls should you buy?

Dimpled golf balls because they fly farther than smooth ones. (I don't even know where to buy smooth ones). :P

Why do golf balls have dints in them?

These are called dimples, they make the ball aerodynamic, without these dimples a ball could not fly.

What are the best golf balls for driving?

The best golf balls for driving are distance balls, they fly a lot further, but there is a draw back for better players, they are not as good for feel or spin, that is why most players play something like a Pro V 1, they are quite long and great for feel and spin.

How does the temperature of the golf balls affect the golf balls height?

A warm golf ball will come off the club faster than a cold ball, with subsequent more spin. So up until a realistic point, a warm ball will fly higher and farther than a cold one. Largely because a cold ball is harder to compress than a warm softer one. Will being cold or warm cause a golf ball to fly at a higher trajectory relative to it's distance.

Why put dimples on golf balls?

Dimples make the ball aerodynamic and allows it to fly with stability. Without dimples the flight of the ball would be very unpredictable.

Will golf balls fly further over land or water?

retard alert wouldnt have a effect becuase its the air is the fluid and is affecting the drag on the ball not the water.

Do golf balls fly farther at higher elevation?

well yes a soccer ball with more air will go further than a soccer ball with no air