How far can a frisbee be thrown?

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That depends on wind, strength, throw type, and technique

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Q: How far can a frisbee be thrown?
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If object thrown vertically on moon will it travel farther than one thrown on earth?

Yes, because there is less gravity on the moon. Also, because there is no air friction on the Moon. However, a frisbee thrown on the Moon will not travel as far as one properly thrown on Earth, because the shape of the frisbee generates lift which will keep it flying farther. With no air on the Moon, a frisbee cannot "fly".

Is a thrown Frisbee rotating or revolving?


Does the size of a frisbee affect how far it can be thrown?

no it can not cause the bigger it is the heavyer because the weight and the smaller it is the lighter cause of the denstiy.

What is the description of frisbee?

A plastics disc that is aerodynamic and can fly in the air when thrown.

What is the longest frisbee throw?

The longest Frisbee throw was achieved in 2003. The Frisbee was thrown 1,333 feet. A frisbee flight traveling 2,550ft with 31 seconds of airtime is viewable on crkuhns channel on youtube, it seems to be the longest out of all the internet postings.

How far can you throw a frisbee?

75 yards

Why is throwing the most important aspect of frisbee?

The Frisbee was made to be thrown. In Ultimate, if you do not throw the disc, then you cannot score, and nobody would ever have fun. Since throwing is the only way to advance the disc, this is what you have to do, making it the msot important aspect of Frisbee.

How far can a frisbee go?

Depends how much power you out in the throw.

How far can a plastic frisbee fly?

That depends on power, wind, and technique

What were some of the drawbacks of the first frisbee?

They probably didn't fly as far.

What is the term bomb in ultimate frisbee?

Throw it as far as your can, also known as hucking it

What happens to a frisbee if it is pointed too far up?

The disc will not go as far and may even come back at you.

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