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Probably all out about 70 yards

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Q: How far can Cristiano Ronaldo kick a soccer ball?
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Who is soccer best free kick taker?

Cristiano Ronaldo

How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo free kick the socccer ball?


How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo kick a ball?

he has hit it up to 60mph but he may be able to kick it faster

Who is the Best free kicker ever in soccer?

The best free kick taker in soccer would have to be David Beckham but Cristiano Ronaldo does strike a deadly free kick and is a close second.

How do take a free kick like Cristiano Ronaldo?

To take a free kick like Ronaldo the ball must be absolutely still, you must then concentrate and look for a opening in the wall, the kick will have to be a strong one with the tip of the toes. remember that if you kick wit6h the front part of your toes the ball will go over the goalpost harmlesley

Who is the best free kick taker in the world in soccer?

Right now, probably Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldinho would be one. Roberto Carlos used to be the best in the world.

Average speed of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Less surprisingly the Premier League's speed king is Manchester United's Ronaldo, who has been clocked racing to the ball at 20.9mph and run with the ball - obviously, not dribble, but more of a kick and chase - 0.1mph faster

How many free kick goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score in his career?

around 93

Who scored the best goal ever?

cristiano ronaldo (sporting lisbon) bicycle kick.

When was Cristiano Ronaldo first ever goal?

Cristiano Ronaldo first goal wos in 2003 agenst portsmath, it wos a free kick from the side of the box, It wos amazing!!

How does a soccer ball work?

the soccer ball is full of air all you have to do is kick the soccer ball and it rolls

What is goal in soccer?

It is when you kick the soccer ball in the net.

What is the sport that you kick a ball?

You can kick a ball in a few different sports, such as American football, soccer and rugby.

What was the best kick in soccer?

Many believe Cristiano Ronaldo scored the greatest ever shot against Portsmouth in 2008 in the Barclay's premier league according to "match" magazine

What easier to do kick a Bowling ball 40 yards or kick a Soccer ball 40 yards?

It would be much easier to kick a soccer ball forty yards.

How do you pass in soccer?

you kick the ball.

How fast can a soccer ball can go?

The Speed of a Soccer Ball depends on your kick.

How old was Cristiano Ronaldo when he scored his first goal for Manchester United?

18 and it was a free kick

Does the ball have to be kicked forward at a penalty kick in soccer?

Yes, a ball must be kicked forward at a penalty kick in soccer.

What are the differences between soccer and baseball?

you kick a soccer ball and thought a basckball YOU KICK A RUGBY BALL AND HIT A BASEBALL

How do you kick a free kickin soccer?

You kick the ball. That's how.

Messi and ronaldo who is the best?

Of course Ronaldo(Cristiano), Messi was a good dribbler, however, he need much help from his teammates to get the ball into the penalty area to attack. Ronaldo can shoot from a long range, and always can bring the ball into penalty area solo, he also scored much direct free kick.

How do you maake a goal in soccer?

Kick the soccer ball into the goal

Does the size and weight have affect on how far it travels when you kick a soccer ball?

the size does have something to do with the distance a soccer ball can travel.the bigger the ball, the more scoop you can get when you kick the ball. also, the more pumped a soccer ball is, the more force will be needed to kick it farther.

How do you win the ball from a striker in soccer?

kick the ball away from them