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The teeing ground is the area that the BALL is to be teed and is defined as the space even with and between the tee markers, to a distance of two club lengths behind the markers; your feet can be outside of this 'box'.

I've never seen in the rules as to exactly where the 'front' of the box is, but 'courtesy' would suggest it's to the center of the tee marker [as opposed to the leading-edge of the marker]. I've also never seen which club shall be used to measure the two club lengths behind the markers...courtesy again would suggest, whatever club you are intending to tee off with! And finally, having worked on a course, and been trained by one of the best superintendents in the industry, tee markers should be placed six paces apart (that's six steps, not twelve steps!); therefore, about 14-16 feet apart...not the entire width of the tee box like you see on most 'cheap' courses! Someone who knows how to set-up the course, understands the value of this seemingly 'narrow' distance between the markers, and how much control they can have over the golfers!

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Q: How far behind the tee markers can you tee your ball My partner teed off about 5 feet behind the tee markers Was that legal?
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Can you tee the ball in the rough behind the tee markers?


How far from tee markers can you tee the ball?

only two clubs length behind the tee markers

Can a player stand outside of the tee box markers as long as his ball remains between the markers whilst hitting a tee shot?

Yes. The ball has to between the markers and up to two club lengths behind. The player can stand anywhere.

Could you tee up your ball no more than 2 club lengths in front of the tee-markers true or false?

false you have to tee up behind the markers

Can one tee off outside of tee markers?

A player is allowed to tee off within 2 club lengths behind the Tee markers but not outside. However a player can stand outside the markers to Tee off but the ball must be inside the markers

What is the main role of ball markers?

Ball markers are used in the game of golf. When the golf ball is on the putting green it may be lifted and cleaned or sometimes it must be moved to allow another player to putt. To remember where the ball is, a ball marker is placed behind where the ball was located. Ball makers can be any small flat object such a a coin or plastic counter.

Golfers must tee off behind and between the tee markers Never in front of the tee markershow far back from tee blocks can you go?

You are allowed to tee the ball within two clubs lengths, behind the tee markers.

Is it a legal shot in basketball to shoot from behind the backboard?

No its not it will be the other teams ball

What is the purpose of golf ball markers?

A gold ball marker has the purpose of marking where the ball was on a putting green when the ball has to be picked up. It is usually the size of a coin and is placed behind the golf ball before the ball is picked up. The ball in then placed in front of the marker on the original spot.

Can one foot be in front of the tee marker?

The only thing that has to be level with or behind the tee markers is the ball. You can have one foot in front of the tee marker if you want.

Where should the ball be played when teeing off in golf?

Where there are markers. Normally there are 2 markers, you can tee of anywhere in between

What is behind 8 ball?

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Is it legal to throw the ball back to a player behind you because he hit your cart.?

No you have to keep the ball in place from where it lies even if it hits a cart, tree, building, etc.

What is Rule 14.2 in golf?

Rule 14.2 is about Assistance. 14.2:- A) Physical assistance and protection from elements. B) Positioning of caddie or partner behind ball.

If you kick a drop goal but the ball does not go over the dead ball line can you touch it down and score a legal try?

Yes, so long as you are on side (behind the goal kicker) when the ball is kicked.

Is it legal to make a basket by shooting from behind and over the backboard?

as log as the player's feet remain in bounds and the ball is not obstructed by the shot clock or the top of the backboard the basked is legal.

Four things a player or a ball must do in order for a serve to be legal?

The two main things are: ☺Stay behind the serving line. ☺Serve the ball over the net.

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By definition, a lateral is a pass that is thrown sideways to or behind the passer and is legal anywhere on the field, behind the line of scrimmage or beyond the line of scrimmage.

If you fumble the ball on a flea flicker and then throw it?

As long as the ball is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage, and a forward pass has not already been thrown during the play, then the play you describe is perfectly legal.

If you hit your ball and it hits your partner's ball on the green what is the ruling?

So, your playing partner is on the green, and you hit onto the green, if your ball hits your opponents and your ball goes in, it is counted as holed in that shot. If you hit his ball and his ball goes in, you leave your ball where it ended up and he must replace his to where it was before it was hit.

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A legal pass in both codes Must be directly in line with the receive to the left OR right of the passer (which is very difficult to get exact) or behind the passers back foot to the ball receiver.

Does gohan have a fusion partner for Dragon Ball Z?


What is a legal slide tackle?

A legal slide tackle may come from any direction, although one from behind is harder to execute cleanly. Making contact with the ball before the opponent is a requirement for any legal tackle, but there are others. Does the player raise a leg or hook with their laces to trip the opponent after ball contact? This would be a foul.

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