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7 yards

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Q: How far back should the tailback line up in the I formation?
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What is a half back used for in football?

The half back is actually misleading. As aligned from the ball at the line of scrimmage, the half back, sometimes called a tailback is furthest from the ball and is the primary ball carrier.

What was the First American football offensive formation?

While it cannot be said with 100% certainty that this was the first offensive formation, but the single wing formation is one of the earliest known offensive formations in football. It was originally developed by Glenn "Pop" Warner back in the early 1900's. It is the precursor of the modern day Spread Option offense. It was used as early as 1907, 13 years before the NFL was founded. The formation featured an strong side offensive line with four backs in the backfield. In football the traditional offensive line has a Tackle/Guard/Center/Guard/Tackle formation. In the Single Wing the line has a different set up. The line formation typically goes End/Guard/Center/Guard/Tackle/Tackle/End. In the backfield, you have 4 backs, the quarter back, who lines up behind the interior tackle on the strong side of the line, the full back, who lines up between the center/guard on the strong side one step behind the QB, the tailback, who lines up behind the center/guard on the weak side one step behind tailback, The split wing is positioned one step behind the line, just outside of the end on the strong side of the line.

Is Reggie Bush a slot back for the New Orleans Saints?

Well, in the past he has been listed as a running back. Now technically a slot back is a running back. Just as a fullback, halfback, and tailback are all listed under the general heading of running back. That being said, the slot in today's game is used like a WR so although its origins are as a RB, it is no longer really used that way except in the single wing formations (i.e. Wildcat). There are rumors coming out of New Orleans that Bush will be moved to Slot back primarily, but he will still get some carries from the tailback spot as well. So, is he a slot back? Hard to say. He will line up in the slot some, so I suppose on the downs where he lines up in the slot he is a slot back. But when he lines up at tailback he is a tailback. Remember slot back, tailback, quarterback, etc. are all names of positions on the field. So, when Ronnie Brown lines up at quarterback, technically for that play he is the quarterback. Thus, the answer to your question can only be given on a play by play basis. Hope this helps.

What is a good play for the pro set far formation?

Run wingback (or tailback in an offset position) behind the lead-blocking fullback (positioned behind quarterback under center) straight up the gut. This is a good play to run near the goal-line.

Where does the safety position in the NFL?

this depends on the formation but usually about 15 yards back from line of scrimmage and about 15 yards from the side line

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line and column

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