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The serving line never officially changes for any age of volleyball. It is 29 feet and 5 inches (9 meters) from the net.

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Q: How far back is the serving line for middle school on an indoor volleyball court?
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What are the high school volleyball position?

left, right, middle, setter, libero, defensive specialist, serving specialist,

What is the height of a volleyball net in middle school?

the net height for volleyball is about what

How many middle schools in the US offer middle school volleyball?

Wiley Middle School Monticello Middle School

Is there a difference between a middle school volleyball net and a high school volleyball net?

yes, middle schools net is shorter than the high school net!

How high does an indoor volleyball court need to be?

if your talking about a celing then the height of a gym at a elementary or middle school. if yuor talking about the hieght of the net then i varys from age group to age group

How many players are needed for a high school indoor volleyball team?

A highschool volleyball team needs 6 players on the court at all times.

What is a foul in vollyball?

~Since I was on a volleyball team (my middle school year) I can tell you what a foul in volleyball is. A foul in volleyball is a violation or breaking a rule in volleyball.~

What are the rules in modified volleyball that middle schools have to follow?

Rules in Middle School volleyball kind of differ from school to school....All the rules are pretty much the same as regular volleyball, except that you must play all three matches, regardless if you're winning/losing.

Dose volleyball keep middle school girls in shape?


How may players are on a middle school volleyball team?

10 to 12.

What is the education for volleyball?

In the U.S. kids can play with grade school, middle school, or high school teams. There is also club volleyball which is more serious and a longer season.

How do you Become a Professional Volleyball Player?

A person will most likely have to play is school in order to be seen by professional volleyball scouts. This includes playing in middle school and high school.

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