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the three point line for highschool Basketball is at the top of the key 20' feet from the basket. in college they move it back a foot to 20' 9'' feet, and in the NBA its 23' 9''

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Q: How far away is the 3 point arc from the basket on a high school basketball court?
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Three point line in high school basketball?

The three-point line in high school basketball is 19.75 feet. This is measured from the centre of the basket.

How far is a three point line from the basket in elementary school basketball?


What is the from the three point line to the basket in high school basketball?

31 feet

What is the distance from the three point line to the basket in high school basketball?

31 feet

How far is three point line in middle school basketball?

19"9' from the basket to the 3-point line

Where is the basline on a basketball court?

The baseline is the line parallel to the basketball goal. From the corner of the three point arch, past underneath the basket and across to the other three point corner.

How long is middle school basketball three?

19"9' from the basket to the 3-point line. Same as in high school.

How far is a three point line from the basket in middle school basketball?

19 feet 9 inches

When a team makes a basket in basketball what happens?

you get a point

What are the positons in basketball?

point guard- the person who dribbles down the court 2 shooting guards- specialize in driving to the basket and 3 point shooting 2 posts- stand under the basket and rebound

How far is the middle school three point line from the center of the court?

20 feet from the basket to the 3-point line.

What is a two-point basket in basketball?

Anybasket inside the 3 point line

What is the distance from the rim to the 3 point line in a middle school basketball court?

19 feet

What is the rule for Scoring on wrong basket in basketball?

The rule for scoring in the wrong basket is that the other team gets the point

How to play half court basketball?

Same as full court except when you get a rebound you must bring the ball outside of the 3 point line in order for you and your team to score a basket. Crossing the 3 point line serves as crossing half court as in a full court game.

What is slang for three point basket in basketball?

a trae (pronounced like tray)

What is the proper name for a 2 point basket in basketball?

Field goal (I think)

What happens if you score in your own basket in basketball?

Yes, it counts as a point for the other team if you score in your own basket. It has happened a few times recently in college basketball.

What is a 2 pointer in basketball?

A Two pointer is when the basket ball is shot from inside the three point line, it can be called a regular basket

How many point line are there on a basketball court and what are their point amounts?


How far is the official youth three point line from the basket?

The 3-point line in youth basketball is approximately 20ft from the basket. The free throw line is 15ft.

Where can you score 1 2 and 3 points on a basketball court?

Each basket is worth 1 point at the foul line, 2 points inside of the 3-point line, and 3 points outside of the 3-point line.

What are the rules of the game of basketball?

Basketball is a team sport played by teams of five players. You score by throwing the basket ball in the basket. The point value of the basket depends on where the ball was thrown from. The game is divided into twenty minute halves.

The throw in basketball that is worth one point if it goes in the basket is?

Foul shot.

What happens when a basketball player puts the ball in the wrong basket?

the point goes to the other team.