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60 feet

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Q: How far apart are the bases in little league baseball?
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How far are the bases apart?

MLB (Major League Baseball) bases are 90 feet apart.

How far apart are the bases in Little League?

newtest3 about 40 feet ---------- The above is incorrect. In Little League Baseball the bases are 60 feet apart until you get to the Junior Division (13 and 14-year-old).

How far are the bases set apart in pony league baseball?

80 feet

HOw long is a baseball field?

High School, College, and Major League bases are 90ft apartLittle League bases are 60ft apart

What is the Distance between the bases baseball?

In Major League Baseball, 90 feet. In Little League, 60 feet.

How far apart are middle school baseball bases?

from a 60ft mound they are 90ft and from a 54foot mound they are 80 ft. In the Major league and High School...90ft. Pitcher's mound would be 60ft 6". Little league they are 60ft.

What is the length of a baseball field?

In Major League Baseball, the bases are 90' apart. The distance from home plate to the nearest fence is 250' or more.

Was it always 90 feet to first base?

With the exception of Little League and streetball, the bases are always 90 feet apart.

What positions are need for a little league baseball league board?

The same as major league baseball. The only thing that is different is that the bases are 30 feet instead of 90 feet.

In Major League Baseball is there really 4 bases?

There are 4 bases in Major League Baseball.

How many feet are the bases supposed to be apart?

in little league it is 60 feet and in in the MLB it is 90 feet from one base to the other

In Babe Ruth baseball how far are the bases apart?

In the Babe Ruth baseball league for 13-15 year olds, a regulation size baseball field is used (typically a high school's field), which has bases 90 feet apart and an elevated mound 60.5 ft away from home plate.