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It doesn't. It's a commonly held myth. Normal, properly performed resistance exercise will not stunt growth in young people. Younger individuals should be carefully supervised when weight lifting, especially when attempting more complicated lifts with heavier weights. It's possible an injury resulting from improper use of weights could stunt growth, but it shouldn't be an issue if proper supervision and training is given.

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Q: How does weight lifting stunt the growth of boys?
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Does gym leads to stunted growth for young boys?

Stick to body weight exercises. Lifting weights can indeed seal growth plates early.

How much weight should a 9 year old boy lift?

NONE! A nine year old boys body is still growing so he should wait until he is at least 15 until he starts lifting weights. If he starts any early it can stunt his growth

What age should boys start lifting weights?

As soon as they can, really. They should be supervised if still younger than late-teen, and they need to learn to do the exercises correctly. But it doesn't stunt growth, and it only promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Is weight training just for boys?

Absolutely not, females are perfectly capable of lifting weights.

Where did weightlifting originate?

it orginated in Europe when two boys were cleaning and were "competing" to lift the heaviest things. Thence weight lifting was born.

Why do boys and girls increase rapidly in height and weight during puberty?

Growth spurts and hormones.

Why do boys get muscles in puberty?

This is just part of the male growth cycle. Testosterone increases which starts the secondary sexual characteristics, muscles and growth to happen. Boys put on weight, height and muscles during puberty.

Do xenoestrogens stunt a boys growth when he's going through puberty?

They are hazardous and interfere with the natural balance of hormones produced by boys when starting and progressing through puberty. There are many harmful effects from using Xenoestrogens. Seek medical advice before using.

What is average weight of boys?

There is no particular or ideal weight for boys (or a person of any age). Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. For more information about weight in relation to height, and to see growth charts for boys, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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What percentile is my baby she 14months old and weight is 16 pounds?

In calculating for your baby's weight percentile, you also need to mention the baby's gender. There are a separate growth chart for boys and girls. Once you have this information at hand, you can use a baby weight percentile calculator to calculate the percentile so you can track your baby's growth.

How effective are growth charts for boys?

Growth charts for boys are very effective because boys grow rapidly, so you will be able to easily record his growth through the years as he grows up.

What is the average weight of a 7 year old?

According to one set of CDC growth charts, the average weight (50 percentile) for both 7-year-old boys and girls is about 51 pounds.

Should 13 year old kids be allowed to drink coffee?

No. Caffeine can cause chromosone damage and can quite possibly stunt your growth. I don't see why a cup a day will do anything just don't over do it like 3 cups a day or whatever oh and after you have a cup drink an equivalent or more of water and no coffee does not stunt your growth that's just something that moms tell their kids as a way for them to let you know its a "big boys drink" but it has been disproven.

Do growth spurts at puberty occur earlier in girls or boys?

Normally girls are the first to have the "growth spur", followed by the boys. However, for boys the "growth spur" lasts longer, hence on average man are taller than women.

How is growth rate measured?

growth rate can be measured by a growth spurt and this is when the body grows rapidly. Girls have this before boys and end before boys, but boys will last a further two years than girls. The girls finish at 18 and the boys finish at 20. chris harrison

What is the right weight for your 11year boy who is 5ft 3inch in height and weighs 95lbs?

Sounds about right to me. Lots of boys will gain weight before puberty and a large growth spurt. Stick to a balanced diet and physical activity.

What has the author Wayne J Sorensen written?

Wayne J Sorensen has written: 'The effects of a special strength training program on the self-concept and peer approval of seventh grade boys' -- subject(s): Self-perception, Teenage boys, Body image, Weight lifting

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How does the growth of girls differ from the growth of boys during Puberty?

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How many growth spurts do boys get?