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around 20th out of all the sports in the WORLD!!! there is a lot of sports in the world so i think volleyball is really popular

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Q: How does volleyball rank in popularity?
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What rank in popularity is Fishing?

About 100 - 500

How do the MLB teams rank in popularity?

probably by how good they are

How do professional sports in Canada rank in popularity?

they don't

Where does Plan B skateboards rank in popularity?


Where does rugby rank in terms of popularity in Newzealand?

number 1

Why did Beach Volleyball become an Olympic sport?

Because of its growing popularity and it keeps you active

Where does swimming rank in world popularity?

Swimming ranks very highly in world popularity. This is because it is an accessible sport that is easy to understand.

What is the popularity of volleyball?

Volleyball used to be a very non-popular sport but in the last year or two things have really kicked off. More and more people are starting to play volleyball and realize they are good.

In the United States the blueberries rank second in popularity to what other berry?

In the United States, the blueberries rank second in popularity to strawberries. Blueberries have a lot of antioxidants and are very beneficial for brain development and one's nervous system.

Rank popularity of Sports In US?

Rank popularity of the sports in the U.S. would 5/ 4/ 3/ 2/55. tennis 1/5

Where is tennis ranked in sports popularity?

Tennis hold a second rank in worldwide sports

Where does the NHL rank in terms of popularity in the US?

It ranks forth after the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Where does physical education rank in popularity of majors?

The major in this field varies from school to school.

Popularity of sports?

1 Soccer 2 Cricket 3 Volleyball 4 Netball 5 Golf

Which sport is gaining in popularity in Chile Go to Recreation. Golf Basketball Baseball Volleyball?

idk one of them

Where do these sports rank please football tennis table tennis swimming cricket and f1 racing cars?

Are you asking about their rank in world popularity? If it were popularity, then, in decreasing order: Football, Tennis, F1, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming

How does the NBA rank in Popularity?

It ranks 3rd in American Sports sitting behind Football and Baseball

In what year was volleyball recognized as the most poplar sport?

It first became popular when it came out but has been growing in popularity since

Soccer popularity in the US?

Sadly soccer in the United States isn't as popular as the big sports such as American Footbal, Basketball and Baseball it would rank behind golf and tennis in popularity.

Where does the name Turner rank in popularity?

For boy babies born in the United States in 2009, Turner ranked 972.

How are Google searches ranked?

Google has two measures that are used to rank websites: relevancy and popularity. Popularity was once represented by page rank, a measure scaled from 0 to 10 that reflects the total number of backlinks to the website. Nowadays page rank is obsolete, however "popularity" is still in use - its just calculated differently. Relevancy is a statistical measure derived from natural language processing techniques. It can be thought of as a flag that is set to true when website is considered to be relevant to specific search term. Google retrieves all the relevant pages from its database and sorts them by popularity.

What are some hobbies or sports that is in Algeria?

Soccer is the most widely played and watched sport in Algeria. Competitive volleyball has also gained popularity in the area.

Is the name Melisa very popular?

of course it is Alternative view That spelling of the name isn't quite so popular. According to, Melisa is "rare" with 1 in 7,692 females and popularity rank in the U.S. of No. 760. Spell it Mellisa, with two l's and it drops to 1 in 12,500 females and a popularity rank in the U.S. of 1,030. The common way of spelling the name is Melissa (one l and two s's). One Look calls it very common: 1 in 216 females; popularity rank in the U.S. at No. 30.

What is the second most popular sport in Brazil?

Volleyball is the second most popular sport in Brazil. Brazil is also the most successful country in this sport. The national volleyball team is currently the champion in the 2 major competitions (Volleyball World Cup and Volleyball World Championship). They currently rank #1 in the FIVB World Rankings. The women's national volleyball team is also ranked #1 in the FIVB World Rankings. They are the current Olympic champions in Volleyball. Brazilian athletes have also greatly succeeded worldwide in beach Volleyball.

How does volleyball rank in participation sports?

Volleyball is a sport you MUST play with your whole team. You need to have communication skills and physical skills as well. It is a VERY fun sport when playing with good teammates and have great communication skills.