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Harder to breathe.

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Q: How does viral infections affect the sports performance?
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Why are viral infections associated with sports?

Viral infections affect health in a number of ways, they destroy your WBC (white blood cells) which are responsible to maintain the defence mechanism of your body, and also it can lead to weight loss which is very important factor concerning health care issues, viral infections also lead to high fever and loss of hunger.

Why do antibiotics do not help teat viral infections?

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, they have no affect on viruses. Vaccinations treat viruses.

What system does hand foot mouth disease affect?

This disease affect the gastrointestinal system mainly. Next is skin. Though the viral infections are usually generalised infections.

Why don't antibiotics affect virus?

Because antibiotics are designed to fight bacterial infections, whereas antivirals are used to combat viral infections.

What type of bacterial and viral infections do raccoons carry?

Rabies and distemper are two fairly common viral infections in raccoons. Some of the most important bacterial diseases which affect raccoons are leptospirosis, listeriosis, tetanus, and tularemia.

Which can be cured virus or bacteria?

Antibiotics can cure almost all bacterial infections. There are a few drugs that can treat viral infections. Many viral infections can be prevented by vaccinations. Many viral infections do not have a cure.

Description of viral v bactenial infection?

Viral infections have not been cured. Bacterial infections usually can be.

Are all bacterial infections non contagious and viral infections contagious?

Both bacterial infections and viral infections can be contagious or not contagious. Some viral infections are not spread from human to human or are only rarely spread that way. TB is a contagious bacterial infection.

What viral infections are associated with measles?

Other viral infections may also strike the patient, including croup, bronchitis, laryngitis, or viral pneumonia.

Can your period be late because you have a virus?

No, in general acute bacterial or viral infections will not affect the hormonal cycle within the body.

What are the name of two viral infections of the genitals?

viral infections cousing blisters on skin of lips, nose or genitals

What are FOUR types of infections?

viral and bacterial