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He moves them with his eye muscels. Arbiculaeris acculi ( sorry abot the spelling may be wrong)

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Q: How does undertaker rotate his eyes?
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Where can you find pictures of the Undertaker with his eyes rolled back?

Download a clip of an Undertaker match and when he rolls his eyes back make a screenshot. Download a clip of an Undertaker match and when he rolls his eyes back make a screenshot.

What colour is the undertaker's eyes?

Blue or Brown

How do you roll eyes back like undertaker?

you look up and keep rolling your eyes

Does it hurt the undertaker when he rolls his eyes?

I doubt it, or he wouldn't do it.

How does the undertaker put his eyes white?

he closes his eyes andthen looks up as far as he can, holds the position then opens his eyes

Is undertaker a bad guy?

If you mean "heel" then no when you look at it undertaker never attacks anyone who doesn't deserve it in the eyes of the WWE universe so no he isn't.

How does the undertaker put his eyes behind his head?

He just rolls his eyes up above his eyelids, by continuing to look up.

What are undertaker's turnbuckle moves?

Snake Eyes This is Usually followed by a Big Boot

How does the undertaker rolls his eyes?

even i can do it its not hard the only thing u have to do is roll your eyes up try its easy

Why does Grell hug the Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji?

Grell discovers that Undertaker is a famous shinigami (former now) who judged famous souls (ex.: Marie Antionette, Robin Hood, ect.) At first Grell doesn't think much of Undertaker, because he didn't see his eyes therefore calling them dull. Once removing his hair from his face, Grell truly sees Undertaker's eyes and asks for a hug which Undertaker gladly accepts. (It is only reveiled that he was once a Shinigami in the anime, it is never mentioned in the manga.)

Why did my dogs eyes roll back in head was drooling and non responsive?

he likes the undertaker

If the undertaker and Freddy Krueger got into a fight who would win?

He would look into his dead uncaring eyes and would cower in fear then one swing and Kruger would be down on the floor and undertaker would stand there with his dead eyes over the lifeless body of his pathetic apponent

When one is close to death do the eyes roll upwards?

The undertaker does it all the time and he is still alive!

What color are undertaker's eyes?

Undertakers eyes are blue but he can roll them all the way back into his head so only white is showing. He does this when entering the ring and after he wins.

How do you roll your eyes back like undertaker?

The easiest way to do this, is to simply just look up and close your eyes then open them but continue to think about looking up!

How does the undertaker do that thing with his eyes?

every one cap do it.just look up to your skull then look back to ur brain

How do you see with you eyes closed?

Ok first coose your eyes open close open if you see Kane (wwe) then it isn't working but if you see the undertaker (wwe) then it works please tell me if it works

Can cats rotate their eyeballs?

well i think they can if you watch them close their eyes it looks like they can!

Who is undertaker on WWE?

Undertaker is one of the greatest superstars yet. He looks like a biker with a black cowboy hat, or he looked like that because now he's bald. Did you know he's undefeated? He can also roll his eyes backward. Cool huh?

Does undertaker wear contacts?

Yes that's why his eyes are so big when he is about to do a choke-slam. Actully yes he does wear contacts that's how he flips his eyes white at his entrance.

How do you roll eyes like undertaker please?

lol its easy just look up real hard u have to be born to do that though 1st, close you eyes , head move down and open your eyes , dont let people see your eyes, then try to move up your eyes then face your face up. Then To let people scary do your eyes up and face down. you also can record your self. Did you know that when you close your eyes that they naturally roll into the back of your head? It's essentially the same, except that you're doing it with your eyes open. All you have to do is just relax, don't tense up, close your eyes slightly, and just use your muscles to roll them into the back of your head. Closing your eyes slightly relieves some of the pressure, which The Undertaker does if you've ever noticed. Just practice at it, and you will get the hang of it.

Who is undertakers real mom?

well we dont know but have ya seen what kain did he. burned his mom and dad grave. undertaker had tears in his eyes

Who was another undertaker?

brian lee played the other undertaker in undertaker vs undertaker match

What is the advantage of frogs having protruding eyes?

According to biologists, the protruding eyes of a frog help it to see all of its surrounding day and night. In addition, the eyes are water resistant and the frogs are able to rotate their eyes because they are unable to turn their heads around when detecting approaching predators.

Why do spiders have eight eyes?

Although most species have 4 pairs of eyes, some have 3, 2, 1, or 0 pairs.Spider eyes cannot rotate the way our can, so they can't see anything that their body is not pointing one of their eyes at. So it is better for the spider to have eyes that point in many they can see