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I'm not sure but I heard from my mate that he tried to do the triangle choke on viscera but couldn't get his legs round his head peoperly and ended up doing that choke hold and just keeps using it all the time.

Actually, that particular choke hold is called an Oma Plata; an often used choke in both Brazilian Ju Jitsu and the far more popular MMA.

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theres 2 undertakers the fake one comes out the door

the will undertaker is under the ring and jumps in thr ring.

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Q: How does undertaker do that choke hold?
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How do you do the choke hold that the undertaker made?

Did the undertaker choke himself to death?


Who created the choke slam?

''THE PHEONOM'' The Undertaker

How did The Undertaker defeat Edge at WrestleMania 24?

He used a triangle choke hold where he put his legs around his neck and forced his arm to be straight.

Who made the choke slam in WWE?

The Undertaker ( deadman)

Wwe who is stronger Triple H or undertaker?

They're both powerful but Undertaker is stronger AND better. He can choke slam two different people at the same time, he can Tombstone/choke slam Mark Henry and he beat him at WM27! Undertaker is the better and stronger man or, in this case, Dead man!

Is it possible to counter a choke hold?

yeah if you can do a front like flip, then land on their chest. that will then (MAYBE) make them let go. they have to do the choke hold on the back side of the choke hold or it wont work

Are there long term effects after a choke hold?

It depends entirely on how long the choke hold is held. If the individual passes out, there can be long term affects.

How will the undertaker come back?

he is probaly gonna turn out the lights and triangle choke mr mcmahn until he lets him in.

What kind of choke would you use if you wanted the ammo to hold together longer?

A full or extra full choke will hold shot in a tighter pattern

How do you make finishing move undertaker?

You choke a person then you lift him up, then slam him to the ground or "Choke Slam"...then Lift him up and put his head between your knees then jump while kneeling or "Tombstone PileDriver"

Whats the difference between a front chancery hold a guillotine choke?

The Chancery is done with out a choke. Arm is not under and in deep like the guillotine to choke the opponent.