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Q: How does the temperature of a golf ball affect the distance?
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Does the temperature of the golf ball affect the distance it travels?

yeah totally

Does the rebound height of a golf ball affect the distance?


How does temperature affect golf balls?

Under the same impact force, a solid golf ball will have a longer overall distance in warm weather than in cold weather. That's why there is a business for golf ball warmer.

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect how far it travels when hit by a golf club?

yes, the hotter the ball the softer it becomes it will then affect the COR (coefficient of restitution)

Does the temperature of a golf ball affect its performance?

Yes, the warmer a ball is the further it will fly and similarly, the colder it is the shorter it will fly. You are not allowed to deliberately alter the temperature of a golf ball, this is against the rules.

Do the dimples on a golf ball affect distance?

Not really. Dimples are designed to give the ball stability during flight. The club and the core of the ball determine distance.

Which golf ball gives you the longest distance?

Titleist ProV1See this article for more on golf ball distance:

How does altitude affect golf ball distance?

Of course. Does a baseball go farther in Denver than in Boston. You betcha!

How does Temperature affect the bounce of a golf ball?

Q: How does temperature affect the distance that a golf ball will travel?A: Golf balls are made from a solid or liquid core with tightly-wound materials, and require a certain amount of elasticity in order to release kinetic energy during a collision (bounce). The property of elasticity is affected by temperature. Warm balls have a greater ability to flex during a collision, thereby recovering more kinetic energy than golf balls at colder temperatures. This scientific principle is called the coefficient of restitution. Simply put, the ball's 'bounciness' is dependent on the elasticity of the materials, and the bouncier the ball, the farther it will travel when struck by a golf club.

How does the temperature of the golf balls affect the golf balls height?

A warm golf ball will come off the club faster than a cold ball, with subsequent more spin. So up until a realistic point, a warm ball will fly higher and farther than a cold one. Largely because a cold ball is harder to compress than a warm softer one. Will being cold or warm cause a golf ball to fly at a higher trajectory relative to it's distance.

Longest distance a golf ball has been hit?

The longest distance a golf ball has been hit is about 418.78m or 458yards by America in Guinees book of Records.

What goes farther tennis ball baseball golf ball or ping pong ball?

a golf ball, which can be hit over a distance of more than 300 meters.

What golf ball is the shortest in distance?

pink fllying lady

What is the major factor in distance for golf?

Hit the ball as hard as you can!

What is the general distance a gap wedge golf clubs should hit a golf ball?

the distance should be about the same as a sand wedge

How does gravity affect a golf ball in the air?

it pulls it down ...

What are the differences between the various golf ball brands?

they have different names on them. They also have different patterns of dimples, and different weights. Those factors affect the speed of the ball. That affects the distance the ball can travel.

What is the best golf ball for all types of weather?

A golf ball can be used in any weather. When it is cold you should use a distance ball, just to give you a bit more distance, but you sacrifice some control.

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect its rebound?

A warmer ball will come off the clubface with more velocity and spin than a colder ball, encouraging loft. The ball's temperature also has an effect on bounce. Heat gives the ball more elasticity, creating a ball that bounces more and travels longer.

Does the bouciness of a golf ball effect the distane?

The way a golf ball bounces definitely affects the distance that it will travel. There are different weights and types of golf balls for this reason.

Do logo's on golf balls effect them?

No, logos on golf balls do not affect the playability of the ball in anyway.

How does the loft angle affect the distance of the golf ball?

The higher the loft the more distance it will go such as a 3 iron (14 degrees). The lower the loft (such as 56 degrees) the shorter the distance such as a sand wedge.

Does heat affect how far a golf ball goes?

Cape Town contain thick air density due to being at low altitued Hit golf ball with 8 iron for distance 120 m Johannesburg contain thin air density due to being at higher altitued Hit golf ball with 8 iron for distance 130m Therefore increase 10m on each iron when visiting JHB to play golf

The longest distance for a golf ball to be driven?

200 feet on the moon

What is the furthest distance a golf ball has traveled on ice?

about 5,00 miles