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figure skating

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Q: How does the scoring system for figure skating work?
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How does the scoring system in rugby work?

you try and boom you scored.

Where can one train for figure skating and how long is the training for figure skating?

You can train for figure skating at your town/city's arena. Training for figure Skating can vary. You need to learn the basics of the sport, the jumps and spins, and the stuff inbetween also known as foot work. Every skater is different. It may take longer for someone to land a simple axel jump than for another.

What is a figure skating leap?

we dont do twirls LEAPS and tricks. We do foot work, spins and jumps ;)

What is syncronized ice skating?

Synchronized skating consists of a group of about twelve to twenty figure skaters skating on the ice at one time. They work together as one unit. A synchronized skating team performs a program set to music.

How was Michelle Kwan's life affected?

her life was affected by joining figure skating and there is no time for her college work

What is figure skating like today?

Figure Skating is a sport that needs alot of hard work and determation. It has changed from the earliest years because it focuses mainly on the tricks instead of the edges. Figure Skating is also very expensive, You have to pay for ice time, coaches, competitions, test sessions, skates, blades, costumes etc

Is sixteen too old for figure skating?

Of course not, silly! If you want, it, go for it! Dream big, work hard.

Have you ever been ice skating?

Yes, I have been skated many times.I take private lessons.My figure skating level is Alpha.Next week I will be tested.I think you should try figure skating.It is a lot of fun, but a lot of work, so be prepared.

How does the scoring system work in netball?

For every goal you score the team gets 1 point

How does scoring system work for sumo?

Theres a circle and if you get pushed out of the circle I am pretty sure you lost...

Why does the heart work in a figure 8 system?

i dont no

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