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he signals the home team to serve the ball by blowing the whistle and moving his hand sideways

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Q: How does the official in volleyball start the match?
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How do you start a volleyball match?

By a serve.

How many subtitutes in a volleyball match?

there are 5 subtitutes in a volleyball match

What is the minimum number of players to start a volleyball match?

6 players

What is match in volleyball?

A match in volleyball is a game to 25 but before it was a game to 15.

What year did men start playing volleyball?

In 1895 William G. Morgan developed the first game of Volleyball. In 1896, the first official game of Volleyball was played at Springfield College.

How may players in a volleyball match?

There are six players in a volleyball court during match.

Where is a volleyball match held?

on a volleyball court

Is there a limited time to a volleyball match?

There is no limited time in a volleyball match. there is just a certain score the team has to get to finish and win the match.

Is it called a volleyball match or set?


How many players are there in a beach volleyball match?

In a beach volleyball match, there are 2 players that play against the offensive team.

At what height are the nets placed during a professional women's volleyball match?

At what height are the nets placed during a professional women's volleyball match?

How many points are in a volleyball match?

25 points are in a match.

Who is responsible for keeping official time in Volleyball?

no one there is no time in volleyball

Name the officials in a volleyball match?

The up and the down official. The up is on the ladder and the down stands by the scorers table. Then there are the line judges that stand on the two opposite corners of the court.

What type of gear does Rox Volleyball sell?

Rox Volleyball sells official outfitter and licensed appear. When start a professional sports league, Rox volleyball would have the licensed appear for the top ten teams and fans have the opportunity to buy the favorite team appear.

What is match point in volleyball?

In sports Match Point" means that it is "the final point needed to win a match"

How many games in a match in men's Olympic volleyball?

There are 3 games in a match.

What is the key point in volleyball?

There are two key points in volleyball. Game point and match point.

What does the term match mean in volleyball?

A volleyball match consists of either 3 or 5 games. If there are 3, whoever wins 2 out of the 3 games wins the whole match. If there are 5, whoever wins 3 out of the 5 games wins the whole match...

Who is in charge of a volleyball match?

Coach or umpire

When was volleyball first played in the Olympics?

Indoor volleyball has been an official Olympic event since the 1964 Games in Tokyo. Beach volleyball has been an official Olympic event since the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

Who were the first players of volleyball?

The first exhibition match of volleyball was played in 1896 at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.

How many players on a volleyball team at the beginning of a match?

There are 6 players on the court at all times for volleyball.

What is a chief official for a volleyball game?

A chief official for volleyball is a referee. There are also line judges that watch two of the outside boundaries for in sand out of bounds balls.

How many games are in a match of volleyball?

A match is 2, but sometimes you have to play best 2 out of 3.