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Q: How does the melting point f solder change with the amount of tin in the solder?
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What is solder melting point?

Depends on the kind of solder.

Why does solder need to have a low melting point?

Solder needs a low melting point to protect heat seaitive componanats from damage. Also, in plumbing, solder is more liquid when applied, thus it distrinutes more evenly making a better seal

What is the lowest temperature that melts soft solder?

The melting point depends on the solder. The lowest I've seen is 395F.

What is another way of describing a freezing point of change?

- Melting point change. ^.^

Is melting point a intensive or extencive property?

Melting point is an intensive property because it does not depend on the amount of substance present. It is a characteristic that is constant for a particular substance under specific conditions.

Why is the low melting point of solder an advantage when soldering?

Low melting pointsolder used for PC boards is a must. The components on the board are heat sensitive and can be destroyed by high heating when they are soldered to the PC board traces. This is mostly done by machines now but the solder still has to be the lowest melting point possible.

Which property of solder makes it suitable for welding electrical wires?

It has a low melting point but has excellent electrical conductivity.

Is a melting points a physical or chemical change?

Melting point is a physical property, not a change.

What is the melting temperature for epoxy glue?

The melting point of solder is around 300 degrees C. The low melting point is the reason it is useful for soldering.The melting point of solder will depend on what the solder of composed of. The most common solder has a melting point of 361.4 degrees F.

What is the boiling point of lead-tin solder at the eutectic point?

The melting poit is 183 0C; the boiling point is not determined.

Can the melting point of a substance change over time?

does the melting point of a substance change over time

Is the melting point of a substance considered a chemical property?

It just means that one liquid can be distinguished from another by its boiling point because it is a characteristic or property of that particular liquid.