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How is sports related to languages? Well let me tell you, that in many sports there are signals or certain words that mean things to the team. Teams use motions or signs to help them communicate between one another during the contest. Dr. Nathan M. Hasenfratz M.D. Harvard University Graduating Class of 2000

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(Baseball-) rip= hit, hit on a rope or thrown on a rope= on a line not a fly ball or grounder, can of corn= fly ball behind the plate,

(football) sacked= tackled the quarterback behind the line of scrimage, ran the forty= running forty yards in a certain amount of time

(Basketball) air ball= a ball shot into the air and doesnt hit the rim or backboard, swish= ball shot into the net only touching the net, dunk= ball slamed into the net not shooting it

there are tons more of sports language but these are just a few hope i helped

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It depends how much you love sport. If you play a particular sport every day it can mix into a conversation.

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Q: How does the language of sport influence your everyday language?
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