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With taxes and fees paid by people.

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Q: How does the government pay for the services it provides?
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Where does the government get money to pay for all the services it provides?


How does the provincial government get the money to pay for services it provides?

burrows money by selling bonds

What are 5 services the government provides to its citizens?

What are 5 services the government provides to its citizens?

What is the purpose of the federal income tax law?

To raise the funds that the Federal government needs to pay for the services and benefits it provides for the society it governs.

What government provides for sanitation services?

Every government provide sanitation services but I think we should use private company services because they are fast and reliable. I tried this company sanitation services and they are very reliable.

What services do the government provides their people in a monarchy?

food and shelter

Provides services concerning military pay allowances and benefits?


What is an officially organized government that provides services?

It is called a welfare state.

What company provides social services?

The government and then your city/county council

What does Cardiff local government do?

Local government collects local taxes, it provides local services such as the emergency, social, housing and medical services

Why do we need to pay taxes?

Tax supports government operations that are good for all citizens such as law enforcement, military protection, healthcare services, and every other function that provides for civilization. Where do you think the money for these services comes from?

Which government-sponsored program provides health care services to members of the uniformed services and their families?