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The fuzziness of the ball gets grip from the surface and the felt rubs the surface of the court and thus causes friction. The denser the felt, the more friction and grip. The fuzz helps improve the friction, which makes spin more important in a match.

It makes the ball slower, and in turn the rallies will be slower. This is why in most ATP tennis tournaments, the balls are changed every seven to nine games.

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Q: How does the fuzziness of tennis ball affect the friction of the tennis ball?
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What types of friction influence tennis?

There are several types of friction that influence spin of the ball in tennis. The sliding friction between the ball and the strings, the static friction between the ball and the strings at the grip phase, the static friction between the main and the cross strings, and the sliding friction between the strings.

When you roll a tennis ball on grass what forces act on the tennis ball?

You get frictional force. That is because when the tennis ball furr and the grass rubs together you et friction.

What role does friction play in the sport of tennis?

ill say air friction because of the ball

Does the brand of tennis ball affects it's bounce?

no the brand of a tennis ball does not affect it;s bounce because the only way for something to affect a tennis ball's bounce is if it's dead or not.

Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?

The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air, but it does affect the air inside the ball.

Does the surface affect the way the tennis ball bounces?

Yes, the surface affects the way the tennis ball bounces.

If you roll a bowling ball and a tennis ball with the same amount of force which will go further?

The tennis ball, because the coefficient of static friction is higher on the bowling ball, due to the higher mass.

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The parabolic motion of the ball.

Does the price affect bounce of tennis ball?

yes, it does

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