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The FIFA Confederations Cup is anassociation football tournament for national teams, currently held every four years by FIFA. It is contested by the winners of each of the six FIFA confederation championships (CAF,CONMEBOL, UEFA, AFC,OFC, CONCACAF), along with the FIFA World Cup winner and the host nation, to bring the number of teams up to eight.

The FIFA World Cup (also called the Football World Cup, the Soccer World Cup, or simply the World Cup) is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. The current champions are Spain, who won the 2010 tournament, and will defend their title, subject to qualification, at the next tournament, to be held in Brazil.

The current format of the tournament involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month - this phase is often called the World Cup Finals. A qualification phase, which currently takes place over the preceding three years, is used to determine which teams qualify for the tournament together with the host nation(s).

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Q: How does the confederation cup differ from the world cup?
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When does the confederation cup start?

in novemeber

When was CAF Confederation Cup created?

CAF Confederation Cup was created in 2004.

Which region has the most teams qualify for the soccer world cup?

Europe, or the Uefa confederation.

Which football confideration is the only confederation yet to host the fifa world cup?


What format does the prequalification for the FIFA World Cup take?

The qualification for the FIFA World Cup takes place in six world zones. Each zone is governed by the rules of it's individual confederation. The formats of the qualification tournaments vary based on the rules it's confederation.

Will Mexico go to the confederation cup 2013?

yes, since they won the gold cup they go straight in to the confederation cup

What proportion of the teams in this years world cup is from Asia?

Four teams qualified for 2010 FIFA World Cup from Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Australia Japan Korea DPR Korea Republic.

Which country hosted the confederation cup football tournament in June 2009?

South Africa because they are the team who will host the 2010 world cup (hopefully England will win) if were lucky ;-)

What is the name of the continental cup in Asia?

The AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Asian Cup.

Is there overtime in the confederation cup semifinal match?


What were the CAF teams that qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Five teams from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup:CameroonIvory CoastNigeriaGhanaAlgeria

How many Asian countries are there in the football world cup?

There are 4 teams from the Asian Football Confederation: Australia Iran Japan South Korea