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The cerebellum controls balance and coordination, and Baseball is 90% about coordination. A excellent cerebellum will mean that a baseball player will have top-notch accuracy when pitching or fielding, and great ability to hit a baseball. If an athlete is able to enhance the cerebellum, they will undoubtly do better at it.

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Q: How does the cerebellum affect a baseball player?
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How does alcohol affect the cerebellum?

It temporarily slows it action.

How does alcohol affect the cerebrum?

Alcohol does not affect the cerebrum...rather it affects the cerebellum of the brain.

How might an injury to your cerebellum affect your movement?

Your balance would be significantly affected.

Why an injury at the head might affect the way you walk?

because it affects the cerebellum that controls our balance. the cerebellum, which is located toward the back and the bottom of the brain, controls muscle coordination, maintains normal muscle tone and posture, and coordinates balance. the cerebellum is the part of the brain that is responsible with all motor activities like walking, running, hitting a baseball, riding a bike, and the likes.

What is bigger medulla or cerebellum?


Is a cerebellum a cell?

no, the cerebellum is the brain.

What happens in the cerebellum?

What happens in the cerebellum ?

What differences did you note in the structures of the sheep cerebellum and the human cerebellum?

The sheep cerebellum is much smaller than the human cerebellum.

Difference between sheep's cerebellum and human cerebellum?

There are quite a few differences between the sheep cerebellum and the human cerebellum. The human cerebellum is much more developed.

What is the plural of cerebellum?

The plural of cerebellum is cerebellums.

Is the cerebellum on the left of the brain?

No, the cerebellum is in the midbrain.

How might an injury to your cerebellum affect your movements?

injury to the cerebellum could cause loss of ability to coordinate fine movements loss of ability to walk inability to reach out and grab object and cause tremors

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