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To play tennis first you have to get the equipment. You will need 1 tennis racket, some tennis balls, and if you want someone to play with you. When the ball comes towards you then you hit it. To tell the score in the beginning you say set score is 0-0 game score love-love. Then you serve. If you that ball goes out then you you say second serve. THE END

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Q: How does tennis work?
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What is the reason why table tennis was created?

Because ceiling tennis didn't work out.

How do tennis competitions work?


Purpose of tennis?

Tennis can be for recreation, or competion. I do tennis and love it, but don't expect to be a pro or anything. Tennis is something you can do for the rest of your life, although you have to work at it to be good. Hope this helped! --Caroline

Where did Arthur Ashe work?

Arthur Ashe's main work was on the tennis court.

Should you work out before or after a tennis practice?

I wouldn't recommend working out before a tennis practice, because then you would be too tired to create your proper form for the practice. If anything, you should work out after tennis practice, because working out before could tire out your crucial tennis muscles.

What qualifications do you need to become a tennis player?

wood work metal work and cooking gcse

What equipment do I need to play tennis?

You'll need to bring a pair of tennis shoes (sneakers, as long as they're appropriate to run in, work fine) as well as tennis balls and tennis rackets. Bring water, too, as you'll need it after a few sets.

How old do you need to be to become a tennis player?

I personally think there no specific age as long as your good at tennis and you win tournaments you can work your way up.

Can playing tennis help make your legs skinnier?

yes becuz you work out

When was Virtua tennis first released?

Virtua Tennis was first released by Sega AM-3 in 1999. The latest version, released in 2012, was called Virtua Tennis Challenge. It was designed to work on the Android and iOS platforms.

Are sneakers and tennis shoes the same thing?

I think tennis shoes are for sports, or work outs. Sneakers are more of a fashion thing, like keds or converse.

What website has prince of tennis 2 episode 14 currently that is anime?

SUBBED: Please reply to tell me if the links do not work.

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