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Swimming is the 4th most important ever and it will be ranked higher!!Swimming is the 4th most important ever and it will be ranked higher!!

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Q: How does swimming rank in the world's most popular sports and how many people participate in it?
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How many sports do most people play?

most people play sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball and baseball these are the most popular sports people play them.

Is swimming popular in Italy?

It is not as popular as a lot of other sports so, no.

Who are people who participate in sports?


What sports were popular in the Greek Olympics?

Athletics and swimming

Why do people participate in different sports?

people participate in different sports because they want to get better at it or they want to play it for fun

What is Suriname's most popular sport?

Soccer is Suriname's most popular sport.Specifically, participation in or witnessing soccer matches are high on the list of choice sports and leisture time activities. Other popular sports to view or in which to participate include basketball, cricket, rugby, running and swimming.

How many students athletes participate NCAA sports?

a large amount of people participate in in NCAA sports.

What are the main resons people participate in sports?

the main reason people participate in sports is to either get fit, socialize, something to do and to have fun!

How many sports can an athlete participate in at the Olympics for example can a person do swimming and cycling and athletics?


What are the two most popular sports in Germany?

Football and swimming

What are some popular individual sports?

swimming wrestilng tennis

What are the most popular sports in Iran?

Football, Skiing, and Swimming

5 most popular sports for children?

Swimming AthleticsSoccerBasketballNetball

How do people with disabilities participate in sports?

with wheelchairs

Did people in the 1910s participate in sports?

yes they did

What types of sports are popular at TN Tech?

There are several sports which are popular. Athletics, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming are some of these sports. Rugby for men and for women is also popular.

Popular sports in Israel?

some popular sports in Israel are soccer and basketball, also track and field, swimming and gymnastics

Why people do not participate in sports?

Because they're lazy!

How many people in America participate in sports?

not a lot

How many people participate in sports in the US?


What is a sports participation pyramid?

it is a pyramid describing how people participate in sports. Simplez.

What sports did boys participate in as team activities in the 1950s?

In 1950s, following team sports were popular among boys:CricketHockeyFootball

Why people paricipate in sports?

There are many reasons why people choose to participate in sports. One reason is they are fun. Some people may participate because they are competitive and enjoy the challenge.

What sports are popular in France?

most popular sports in France are rock climbing, bike racing, swimming, surfing, skiing, tennis, hiking.

What are the five most popular spectator sports in Britain?

Different people have different views of favourite sports but i would have to say: Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf and swimming