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The Moon

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Approximately how long is the period of time from the new moon to the full moon phase

More than half of the moon is illuminated

Right half of moon is illuminated

At what point does the southern hemisphere have the greatest exposure to the sun

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Q: How does sunlight affect the moon?
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Why doesn't the angle of the moon affect the temperature on earth?

The Moon is cold . . . it is bright only because it reflects Sunlight.

Does waxing moon increases the sunlight?

No. the light of the moon is always reflected sunlight.

Does the moon reflect sunlight?

Yes, it certainly does. What we see as the moon is sunlight, as the moon does not produce light of its own.

Is it true that at least half the moon is always in sunlight?

True. Half of the Moon is in sunlight.

What is the sunlight in the moon called?

Sunlight reflected to Earth off the Moon is called moonlight.

The source of the light that causes the moon to shine is?

The Moon doesn't shine at all. This is what bothers me about vampire movies; sunlight kills vampires, but moonlight doesn't affect them. And yet, the Moon is just a giant mirror in the sky reflecting SUNLIGHT back to the Earth! Why wouldn't the vampires all die of the reflected sunlight, that's what I want to know! Anyway, moonlight is simply reflected sunlight.

The moon and planets shine by what sunlight?

The sun's sunlight.

How can the moon be bathed in sunlight at night?

the sun is on the other side of earth reflecting the sunlight to the moon!

This is when sunlight shines on far side of the moon?

When we have a new moon is when the sunlight falls on the far side of the moon. This happens once a month.

What is reflected by the moon?


What is the reflection on the moon of?

The Moon's light is reflected sunlight.

Is there sun on the moon?

the sun is not on the moon.but there is sunlight on the moon

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