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Players can substitute in either during a stoppage in play or on the fly.

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Q: How does substitution occur in hockey?
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Substitution can occur in a great many different situations. Substitution usually occurs when someone is scheduled to teach for example and becomes sick.

When is a player substitution made in field hockey?

Whenever the team manager wants to, except for during a penalty corner.

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When can you make a substitution in hockey?

In every form of hockey played on Earth, substitutes are free, unlimited and can take place at any time (except sometimes during certain plays in a game; for example, during a penalty corner in field hockey).

When a player fouls out after commiting his fifth foul is the substitution to occur after the first free throw?

No. Immediately after the foul is committed.

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I can give you several sentences.Use that ingredient as a substitution for the one you don't have.He is going in as a substitution for the quarterback.This is a substitution for the real thing.Margarine could be used as a substitution.

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