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Makes them faster or slower depending on the downforce.

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Q: How does streamlining affect formula one racing cars?
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What is the difference between Formula 2 racing cars and Formula 3 racing cars?

Formula 3 cars are SLOWER AND LESS AERODYNAMIC than Formula 2 cars.

What capacity do formula racing cars have?

2.4 litre v8s

How high does the speedometer go on a race car?

Racing cars such as those in Formula 1 racing do not have speedometers

What does the word "Formula" in "Formula 1 Racing" refer to?

The rules which participating cars must follow.

What do Nascar and Formula One both have in common?

They're both racing, with cars.

What are f1s?

F1 stands for Formula One. The are a type of racing cars. Frencesco Burneli form Cars 2 is an example.

Why streamlining important?

streamlining is important because with out it cars,planes and some boats would go to fast and out of control

How did formula 1 begin?

Formula One began out of previous Grand Prix racing. The Formula in Formula one is the allowed specification for cars to race in this class.

How does wind tunnel affect the environment?

It doesn't directly. A wind tunnel is used to detect the airflow over objects such as cars and planes to improve the streamlining.

What do formula one drivers drive when not racing?

they drive diffrent cars such as Camry's and stuff like that

When was Racing Cars created?

Racing Cars was created in 1973.

What is the formula 1 racing car are built using a composite material?

Formula One race cars are constructed primarily of Carbon Fiber.