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winning all or a lot of the events...

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Q: How does someone win a pentathlon?
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How do you win a modern pentathlon?

you die.....

What is an athlete who participates in the pentathlon?

A bloody champion if the win it

How many of the five events of the ancient pentathlon did you have to complete in order to win?


In the Modern Olympics how does someone win a pentathlon?

In the ancient Olympics, you can win by winning running, wrestling and long jump or you can just win the most wins ( that might not make sence) The games in the Ancient Olympics Are... Wrestling long jump running boxing discus

How can you be disqualified from an olympic pentathlon?

yes u can bye knocking someone over

What part of speech is pentathlon?

Pentathlon is a noun.

How do you win a modern pentathlon event?

No that's y I'm asking u about it poo face

How do you win a pentathlon in the modern Olympic Games?

You try your best work hard everyday so you get better.

What is modern pentathlon in French?

"le pentathlon moderne"

How do you say pentathlon in French?

Le pentathlon (masc.)

How do you use pentathlon in a sentence?

I was a pentathlete in the Michigan pentathlon.

How do you say modern pentathlon in French?

'le pentathlon moderne'

How many ways can you win a medal on a horse?

8 3 day eventing team 3 day eventing individual Showjumping team Showjumping individual Dressage team Dressage individual Pentathlon men Pentathlon women

What is a contest with 5 track and field events?

In the old days, a pentathlon.

How competitions are in the Olympics pentathlon?

As indicated by the prefix penta-, there are five events in a pentathlon.

What did Jim thorpe win?

The legendary Jim Thorpe won two Olympic Gold Medals at the 1912 Olympics in the Pentathlon and Decathlon.

When did Jackie Joyner win the Olympic heptathalon?

Jackie Joyner kersee won 7,000 points d won the pentathlon in 1979

How many sports are there in the pentathlon?

There are five sports in a pentathlon. The modern-day pentathlon has events in shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian and cross country running.

What is the difference between pentathlon and heptathlon?

A Pentathlon has 5 event and a Heptathlon has 8 events :)

How Many medal did Mary Peters win?

Mary won 1 Olympic medal ... a gold in women's pentathlon at the 1972 Games in Munich.

In what year did Jim Thorpe win his medals?

Jim Thorpe won gold medals in the decathlon and pentathlon at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

How many medals did Jim Thorpe win?

Jim Thorpe won two gold medals in the 1912 Summer Olypics in decathlon and pentathlon.

What are all the events in pentathlon?

In the modern day pentathlon, there is fencing, swimming, running, shooting, and riding.

How many countries participate in the pentathlon?

27 countries and 74 athletes participate in the Modern Pentathlon.

Pentathlon is to five as what is to ten?

Pentathlon or Penta is 5, while 10 is decathalon as in a decade.:)