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because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

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Q: How does softball relate to physics?
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What is tech Relate it with physics?

What is tech. Relate it with physics?

Is softball related to physics?

Very much so. Everything about softball is about physics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - a softball hitting a softball bat. The trajectory of a pop-fly can be described by physics. It is always a perfect parabola.

How does softball realate to math?

Softball is related to geometry and physics. Softball uses a lot of angles and that is how it is related to geometry. For instance, when your playing the outfeild you have to know what angle is the shortest and quickest way to get to the ball. Softball also uses physics a lot by acceleration, velocity, and momentum.

Relate physics to other branches of natural science?

relate physics to the other branches of natural science

How physics relate to other sciences?

All other sciences derive from Physics.

How does biophysics relate to physics?

it is the science that deals with the application of physics to biological processes and phenomena.

How does aerodynamics relate to physics?

Aerodynamics reduces drag in moving objects, this relates to physics because physics involves movement and forces.

How do fireworks relate to physics?

With the help of empathy!

How do you relate physics to radiologic technology?


What are the other sciences relate in chemistry?

physics, mathematics

How does doing a standing back tuck relate to physics?

the momentum needed to get all the way around is related to physics.

How does potential energy relate to softball?

When a ball goes up ... it must come down.

How does swimming relate to physics?

by the balance of buoyant and gravitational force

How can you do a science fair project on shotguns?

Relate it to physics or science.

How does pediatrics relate to physics?

15,000 Baby legs, obviously.

How do math and physics relate to sports?

math can be related to sports by finding the batting average of a baseball or softball player it is all percentage, and distance to the back. with football its yardage. physics and be related in almost every sport the friction of the puck on the ice or the push pull in a football game. even finding the exact spot a football/or baseball will fall after it is thrown using the velocity and angle of the throw

What do you learn in physics?

In physics, you learn about levers, Newton's Law, kinetic and potential energy, and several other things that relate to science and chemistry. Physics is a good subject to learn.

What is a good topic question for a physics issues investigation. Has to relate to physics concepts and have a relevant issue surrounding it. Thanks?

laser uses

How does average speed relate to volleyball in physics terms?

10 metrs

Relate earth science to biologychemistry and physics?

Earth science and physics are both the study of something. Earth science is the study of earth and its neighbors in space. Physics is the study of physical objects.

Physics is the study of?

Physics is the study of the way matter, force, motion, and energy relate to each other. It focuses on physical forces and qualities.

How does physics relate to friction?

physics explain what needs to exist or happen to cause friction and so provide ways to measure (control) frictions.

How does Internet relate to physics?

This is because of transfer of signals in short period of time

How does doing hair relate to physics?

Combing your hair can create static electricity.

How do tornadoes relate to science?

Meteorology and pressure systems can also be understood by Physics.