How does soccer affect people?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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titibay ang iyong katawan..

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The player's arms, legs, heart and lungs all get a good workout during the average soccer game.

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It excites some people, it bores some people and it leaves some people indifferent.

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Q: How does soccer affect people?
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How does soccer affect christianality?

Soccer does not affect 'christianality' because there is no such thing as 'christianality'.

Does gravity affect a soccer ball when it falls?

yes!.... it will affect a soccer ball when it falls because if the gravity affects you, it will affect a ball.

Does the type of soccer field affect the bounciness of a soccer ball?


How can Culture affect sporting performance?

in some cultures such as England if you come from America and you go to England to play soccer then you'll have trouble because people from England call soccer football and if you don't know what it means then they will think that you want to play football. Because they also call football soccer. and then you will be playing football instead of soccer and that can affect your sporting performance.

How does friction affect soccer?

cookies and dick

How does using tricks affect a soccer game?

how does using the rainbow affect the game

How does weight affect soccer?

it affect they because if u are big it will be hard to run

How is soccer affecting history?

soccer has a big affect in history. Sience the first world cup many people have never even heard of the sport soccer; and ever science the world cup every member of the there own country suports and cheers for there nation to take the gold home. with out the big turnament people wouldn't ever have found out about soccer

What are materials for soccer?

people,soccer ball

How does friction affect the sport of soccer?

it allows the athletes to run

Will the pressure in a soccer ball affect the distance it travels when kicked?

Yes, it depends how hard or soft you kick the soccer ball

People ae on a soccer team?

Yes, there are almost always people on a soccer team.